Territory Day: Fireworks night

Monday, June 29, 2015

 photo fireworks-346900_640_zps54fprkmk.jpg
Fireworks night aka Territory Day is almost upon us. You either love or hate fireworks night and the haters seems to be almost directly correlated to those with dogs or those with a job in emergency services.

The rest of us are the lovers. On Territory Day, July 1, you can purchase fireworks in all major shopping centres for one day only. The terms of sale is that they are to be let off on the day, however some people may have been known to squirrel them away for a later day. There are some idiots who set fireworks off during the day, but most wait until the evening when the fireworks really stand out.

I love a fireworks display and this year I think we will get a small pack or two and let them off in the backyard as soon as it gets dark. I can't wait.

Do you have a fireworks night where you live? Do you love them or hate them? I can totally see why people with scared animals hate them, but I just love the exploding colour. 

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

 photo West-MacDonnell-Ranges_zpsq933qvl7.jpg
Beautiful sunset drive through the West MacDonnell Ranges
Some weeks the weekend comes at just the right time. We have had too many nights of broken sleep with Lulu up crying out & coughing. We're all just a little too tired to keep soldiering on with work. Luckily the weekend has hit and we can turn our attention to jobs around the house. The washing has piled up again, the weeds need pulling and floor needs cleaning. What's on your job list this weekend? It feels as though as soon as you cross one job off the list it pops back up again, like you've just finished the floors and then bam they're dirty again. Agh.

Catching my eye on the internet this week:

Why parenting advice is so hard to take via The Cut

Megan Morton shares tips for styling kids rooms over on The Beetleshack

How to fake a clean home over on Fat Mum Slim

A sticker chart that re-inforces positive behaviour has saved this family's summer

An Office Nursery

Friday, June 26, 2015

 photo rachel-zoe-office-nursery-600x600_zpsgpxcmfg1.jpg
The Nursery
It isn't unusual for women who own their own companies and are also new mothers to have a nursery close to their office, but what is unusual & awesome is for a business owner to open a nursery within their office for their employees.

Rachel Zoe recently did just that. In 2014 five of her employees became new mums. Rachel herself has been able to build a business with her family by her side. She didn't want her staff to have to choose between family and work, she wanted them to have the same work life balance that she has.

Zoe says "I feel good sending the message to my team that they work for a company that supports and celebrates who they are in their personal lives and that we aren’t afraid to let those truths influence the culture in the office in order to make us more productive and happy on the whole." 

This attitude sounds amazing & Zoe encourages us all to "never apologise for being dedicated to your kids and challenge those around you to not only acknowledge, but celebrate your ability to be a mother and an asset in the workplace". 

Is your workplace supportive of you being a mum or is it something that you have to or feel that you need to hide? While my workplace doesn't have a nursery, it is supportive of it's employee's family lives, offering part-time work and flexible time. If the day-care drop off runs late, you can make the time up at the end of the day and things like that. But I know of workplaces that aren't so family friendly. Hopefully all workplaces can more more to the Rachel Zoe way of thinking.

Read more about Zoe's philosophy here

Community Season 6

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

 photo Community_Season_6_Poster_zpscks84jyp.jpg
We signed up to the Stan free trial back in January and loved it. It had the jump start on Netflicks which is probably the only reason why we signed up to Stan first but I'm glad we did.

We are big Community fans and have watched though series six. It is the series we probably didn't need to have but is ok that we have gotten. Everything wrapped up really well at the end of series 5. The characters had grown and it seemed a little cruel to bring them back to Community College again. Without three of the original characters it was a bit of a stretch introducing new characters at this late stage, however the writers were able to integrate the characters into the story and you did end the season with an affinity for them. Dan Harmon, the shows creator, returns from exile and the episodes have the familiar zaniness of the first few series. With only 13 episodes you can knock off the series quite quickly and for funny fluff the series rates well with me.

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

 photo sunset_zpsa9ezllj5.jpg
Sunset over the back fence
This weekend has gotten off to a cracking start with Lulu chucking one of my necklaces into the toilet. An Alexandra Zumbo necklace with fabric tassels. That baby is gone. The weekend can only get better right?

Catching my eye on the internet this week....

Frank Turner has a new album coming out in August details here

Cant wait to make these delicious sesame soba noodles with smoke salmon and cucumber 

Five most and least accurate episodes of Bones 

This horrifying story of Toxic Shock Syndrome - why the warnings on the packet are not enough & why you should use only organic cotton tampons & change them regularly.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

 photo Pink_zpsxjfffv1m.jpg

Pink inspiration for June from here

Top Half Folk Festival 2015

Monday, June 15, 2015

 photo Top-Half-Folk-Festival-8_zpsl3e4pebe.jpg
Lulu's run bike copped a workout from every kid & a few fights over who's turn it was
We spent the June long weekend at the Top Half Folk Festival at Glen Helen. It was a wonderful weekend, suitable for people of all ages. My parents came with their caravan. Friends came with their 3 kids under 4. Nick's mum was there for the Sunday night. Many of our friend's parents attended. One of the artist's mentioned that his 14 year old son was choosing to spend his gig in the car! A festival for the whole family, should they choose to participate.

The headline act was Fanny Lumsden & the Thrillseekers, an awesome folk/country band from Sydney. It may have been overheard on the way out of their Saturday night gig that 'they were great but they weren't real folk'. The whole festival had a bit of a 'changing of the guard' as it has been attended by the same folkies over the last 45 years and they have held close to what they believe true folk is, but as they get older and folk evolves it is time to connect with a younger generation. Though I know nothing about folk, I do think the festival organisers a great job blending traditional folk with contemporary.
 photo Top-Half-Folk-Festival-2_zps50vbe529.jpg
Fanny Lumsden & the Thrillseekers

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

 photo flowers_zpsayzcuacn.jpg
This week's flowers. Next week's flower money has been donated to Send Hope
The weekend is starting off with a bang! We are headed out to dinner sans baby! My parents are here from Adelaide for a few weeks and we are making the most of live in babysitters. The rest of the weekend will be filled with usual weekend things, swimming lessons, family dinners, cleaning and washing - will the washing basket ever be empty?

Catching my eye on the internets this week.....

The Olsen twins have always been a little obsession of mine- they recently designed their friend's wedding dress. The dress has the most beautiful lace. The whole wedding had a beautiful hippy edge to it, including a surprise song from the bride's godmother, Stevie Nicks! You can see all the photos here.

Barbie has had a bit of a makeover and new Barbie dolls have the ability to wear flat shoes as well as heels - full story over on Refinery 29.

Baby bundles from Australian charity Send Hope Not Flowers have lowered the maternal death rate in a Papua New Guinea provence by 78%. They distribute basic supplies for mothers, such as sanitary pads, nappies, underwear and baby clothes as well as funds for medical equipment. For the price of a bunch of flowers you help can save a mother's life - you can read more about it here and donate here.

Weekend out bush

Thursday, June 11, 2015

 photo Maryvale-Road_zpsuuwf1lhi.jpg
 photo Deep-Well-Cows_zpsioh27kym.jpg
I recently had the privilege of attending a girl's weekend out at Deep Well Station, hanging out with a friend’s old school friends, dancing to 90s R&B and having a ball. I hadn’t been out bush in a long time & it really was refreshing to get out there in the open space & marvel at the wonderful landscape that surrounds us. And who could resist those cows?
 photo Deep-Well-Cows-2_zps8hsdkgra.jpg
 photo Deep-Well-Hill_zpsbg322656.jpg

Podcasts I'm loving

Thursday, June 4, 2015

 photo Podcasts_zps58gee56r.jpg
Do you listen to an iPod when you workout? When we lived in Melbourne I'd use my commute time to listen to podcasts, but in Alice Springs, the commute here is non-existant (lucky us!) and I have to find other times to listen to podcasts. I've found that when I run or workout is the perfect time. This year I've added a few more awesome podcasts to my rotation, so I am going to have to increase the amount of time I spend working out to ensure that I have time to listen to them! 

Podcasts I'm loving include:
TOFOP has been a favourite for a long time. It was Will Anderson and Charlie Clauson just shooting the shit, but then Charlie got a paying job that didn't approve of the podcast and it is now Wil Anderson chatting with other comedians. It gives insight into the working lives of comedians and is pretty funny. 

Something Wonkey is a political podcast from Jeremy Sear and Dave Gaukroger that also touches on news and Australian Media. The guys are based in Albury-Wadonga and it is great to have perspective from people outside of the capital cities. While their politics are similar to mine, it gives me greater argument for why I believe what I believe and is a great way to catch up on the political goings on of the week.

Chat 10 Looks 3 with Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb - Here they talk books, cooking, tv, movies. Just like having a chat with your best friend. Oh I wish these ladies were my best friends. 

Wilosophy - a new podcast from Wil Anderson. He talks to friends and colleagues about their life philosophy. I started with the episode here he spoke to Judith Lucy, who has always been a bit of a hero of mine. It was gold.

I Seem Fun: The Diary of Jen Kirkman - Jen Kirkman was on Wilosophy and from there I became hooked on her podcast. She talks to herself, alone in her room. The podcast is about everything and nothing in particular all at the same time. Kirkman has an awesome attitude to life and the right mix of wit and smarts. She is a staunch feminist and is also socially awkward. My kind of lady.

Here's the Thing with Alec Baldwin - My sister-in-law put me onto this one. Alec Baldwin talks to policy makers, artists and performers about many random things, including their big breaks, relationships, what keeps them going etc. His talk with Julie Andrews was mostly biographical and so interesting.

Please leave me a comment and tell me what podcasts you love. I need more motivation to get to the gym!
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