Rain in the Alice

Monday, April 14, 2014

 photo Rainbow_zpseadff500.jpg photo Double-Rainbow_zps1d350c75.jpg
Last week something very unusual for this desert place happened, it rained! And it didn't just drizzle a little and go away, it kept raining - for FOUR days. It rained the same amount as the total amount for last year. A giant puddle formed outside my office and at one point the bottom of the car wheel rims were underwater. It was fairly exciting. I have always secretly wanted to see the Todd River break its banks (not far enough for anyones house to be damaged, just up to the sidewalks. No luck yet. By Wednesday night the river was flowing, but not even bank to bank, just one channel. The thing about the river flowing is that it doesn't matter how much it rains in town, it needs to rain in the river catchment areas. Sometimes it will flow when we've had hardly any rain in town and other times it won't flow at all and we had plenty of rain. So that is the ins and outs of our usually dry river.
 photo Bath-Street-Alice-Springs_zps047db24f.jpg
Wednesday night a giant double rainbow spanned the eastern side of our town, looking quite spectacular and we just happened to drive down the road where the river was crossing the causeway. We had to stop and take Lulu down to see it. She, of course like any other kid, wanted to dive right in & Nick managed to wrangle her back. It really is such a special time in town when it rains. Everything gets washed clean and the whole town feels fresh again.
 photo nick-amp-lulu_zpsc8326eea.jpg photo Todd-River-flowing_zps7ee0408e.jpg photo Schwartz-Cres-river-flowing_zps8d67fd26.jpg

Exercise Stats Week 15

Sunday, April 13, 2014

 photo Workout1_zpse45b61e7.jpg

Sunday - 4km bike ride with the family

Monday - 2.75km run

Tuesday - Rest day

Wednesday - The workout above - 100 calories and it took me 20mins, adding the 5 reps each round. Burpees are HARD - ugh. Then I did these yoga poses for office workers.

Thursday - rest day

Friday - Yoga poses to boot metabolism - The poses were great but I found this website to be too clunky, having to click through all the images, so I won't be doing these again. Also I don't really believe that the poses will boot your metabolism, I just like the stretching. I also did these stretches to loosen your hips & the yoga poses for office workers.

Saturday - rest day

Link love

Saturday, April 12, 2014

 photo link-love_zps48962e6a.jpg

It's the weekend and as I write this, there is no Lulu off to the side watching Peppa Pig. She was picked up early this morning for a fun adventure morning with her god mother! I am enjoying the quiet and the cool weather. It (though this may come back to bite me later) has finally cooled down here. We had a few days of rain, though not the floods we were warned about, but still a significant amount of rain, more rain than we had in all of last year! I'll share a few photos of the rain next week.

For now, here are a few links for the weekend:

Why did no one tell me there is a blog of all the clothes Mindy wears on the Mindy Project called Mindy Project Style? It's my new favourite not so guilty pleasure blog! And I am so glad that this show has returned. I love it.

There is a new series based on the movie Fargo (one of my favourites) starring Billy Bob Thornton and Dr Watson, sorry Martin Freeman, called, you guessed it, Fargo 

10 Best New Bands of 2014 via Camilla Styles - it would be remiss of me to not tell you that I've had a Shakey Graves album for over a year now & love it.

If you're in Alice Springs & looking for a townhouse to rent, I have just the right one for you!

Happy Weekend xx

Frockin' up - Girls Night

Friday, April 11, 2014

 photo girls-night_zps5c565fdf.jpg
Last Friday night we had a girl's dinner at Epilogue Lounge. Mexican food, expresso martini's, Kir Royale and good company - what more could you ask for?

This is what I wore:
Top - Target
Necklace -8 Other Reasons
Ring - Black Jewl
Tights - Bonds
Shoes - Sportsgirl

Linking up with Grace for FYBF

Just a Minute in April

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

 photo Just-a-Minute_zpse7f44ef3.jpg
reading - Finally finished the magazines I purchased in February and picked up a copy of the latest House and Garden. And yes, am still reading Bridget Jones, as mentioned last month!

watching - The Mindy Project - am so glad it's back!

listening - to the rain as I write this on Sunday afternoon

making - more icy poles - the kid can't get enough!

eating - hot cross buns. Now that it's April I've given in and purchased hot cross buns, which seemed to be in the supermarkets the week after Christmas. Too soon then, but now it's time.

happy - that the countdown to our holidays is on & the countdown period includes Easter. I really really really need a break.

Want to play along too? Leave your link in the comments below.

Weekend Adventures

Monday, April 7, 2014

 photo bike_zpsb142200c.jpg
This weekend I had a bit of a break. I went out Friday night with the girls for dinner. A whole lot of cocktails and champagne later, and I felt like I had been rejuvenated, just a little bit. It was lovely just having a small period of time for me.

Saturday morning I was feeling a little tender, but Lulu had asked to have her friend over so he and his little brother came to play for a while. They all played rather nicely and when they left it was time for Lulu's nap. Instead of blogging while Lulu napped, I watched an episode of Bones and it really was just nice taking that mental break. Nick bought me home some lunch when he finished work and then after that I had a 3 hour nap! Incredibly indulgent. Nick went out to a friends for a little bit that night and then bought home pizza which we had while watching the movie Filth. That was quite the crazy movie. The Guardian called it 'A film so shocking it almost didn't get released'. Apple TV billed it as a comedy. It wasn't really a comedy, not in the way that Anchorman 2 is a comedy (we had wanted to watch that but it hasn't been released yet). Anyway if you like your comedies a little shocking, crazy and dark, then Filth is the film for you.

Sunday Nick hooked up Lulu's bike seat to his bike & we all went for a ride together. Lulu loved it, but Nick found the seat fairly uncomfortable to ride with, we won't be recommending it to anyone. Sunday afternoon it rained and then Sunday night we had a dinner for Nick's work to go to in which we all stayed up a little too late & now feel like we need another weekend! The next one can't come too soon x

Exercise Stats Week 14

Sunday, April 6, 2014

 photo Sunrise_zps7df1b82a.jpg
Sunrise Monday Morning
Monday - early morning yoga with Happy Hips Yoga and Yoga for Desk Dwellers - I've been doing the desk dwellers poses on a semi regular basis and have noticed that I'm not as tight when I do them now. Still not anywhere near as flexible as I'd like to be but am getting there.

Tuesday - 3.22km run 231 calories 3min fat burn, 27mins fitness

Wednesday - 15 pushups, 25 squats, 15 tricep dips and 25 mountain climber - I did this circuit 3 times and added 5 to each activity each round. Then 50 crunches and some stretching. 123 calories Fat burn 24mins Fitness 4 mins

Thursday - Rest Day

Friday - Happy Hips Yoga and Yoga For Desk Dwellers

Saturday - Rest Day

Toddler Dinner Battles

Thursday, April 3, 2014

 photo pantry_zpsad60fe42.jpg
I made Lulu dinner, green beans blanched a little softer than I'd like with fetta and dressing of natural yoghurt, flaxseed and lemon juice. I added a few pieces of ham to the bowel and announced that dinner was ready. Lulu came running into the room up to her new table, took one bite and said 'yuck' and spat the bite out. By this stage I was putting away dishes and wasn't quite sure what I heard. She had never said 'yuck' before. I explained that she should eat her dinner, I had a bite of beans and said 'yum' and then when I couldn't convince her to have any beans I offered her a bite of just the meat and cheese. She took it in her mouth and then spat it out saying 'yuck' again. THEN she picked up her bowl and said 'away', 'away' as she walked to the pantry and tried to shut her food into it!

I have to admit I was trying not to laugh. Maybe the dinner was a bit rich? She likes all of those things separately, well, I've never tried flaxseed oil with her before or beans, but the rest she has had. In fact this morning she was running around sucking half a lemon. What do you do when your two year old won't eat dinner? When she was younger we just gave her something else because we knew she must be hungry and we could choose that something else. I kind of don't what to that now she's bigger as she'll just learn that she can refuse what I give her and then insist on something else. This time, after checking with her Grandma that Lulu hadn't just eaten something at her place before I picked her up (she hadn't), Lulu ended up having a piece of plain bread. The bread was of her choosing (she'd tried to get the bag open while I was on the phone to her Grandma) but it wasn't the icy pole she had wanted or her special cheese (Babybel).

To top the night off, Nick came home from mountain biking with this....
 photo Nick-cut_zpsca16fdc6.jpg
A few stitches later and he's all better. Hopefully he won't bleed all over the white sheets..... and thank goodness it wasn't worse, as he was riding alone today!
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