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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

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July School Holidays

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

 photo Garden-Play_zpscrw9aoeu.jpg
Day 1 of my week off for school holidays
Nick goes to work.
I get into workout clothes, help Lulu dress and gather Zelda's daycare things.
Zelda is dropped off at daycare.
Lulu and I then go into town to Zelda's passport interview - one of the few that she won't have to be present for.
After we book Lulu in for a haircut and take a gander through Target before heading to the gym.
I workout. Lulu hangs in the gym creche with her cousins who also happen to be there.
We have lunch at a cafe in town then pop by woolies to pick up a few things.
At home Lulu makes cupcakes while I cut up veggies for a dinner stir-fry.
I wonder why I work - being a stay at home mum is awesome, why am I making life so hard?

Day 2 All hell breaks loose.
Kidding, but really.....
Zelda is home and refuses her morning sleep.
We pick up Lulu's friend and all head to the Telegraph Station for their school holiday kids program.
Zelda is frustrated that she can't join in & instead wants to spend the time pushing around the wheelie bin like a walker. She refuses to be in the baby carrier but then wants me to hold her but not in the carrier.
At home we have sandwiches for lunch. Zelda won't eat hers, but eats mine.
Zelda goes down for a nap. We breathe a sigh of relief.
I clean up the kitchen while Lulu begs me to watch her stage show
I sit down to watch her stage show.
As my bum touched the chair Zelda wakes, screaming uncontrollably.
Zelda is now awake for the afternoon after only an hour sleep.
I feed Zelda a bottle while we watch the stage show.
We all go outside so I can put washing on the line.
Zelda crawls to the trampoline, up the ladder and tries to get in. I rush over to catch her, then escort her into the trampoline.
I walk back to the washing line.
Before I can put any washing out, Zelda has gotten back out of the trampoline.
I wonder if I can cancel my leave and go back to work.

How's the school holidays working out for you?

Pink Inspiration

Friday, June 23, 2017

 photo pink-inspiration_zps8yj939yu.jpg
Think Pink! Am feeling a subtle pink this month. There's something a little wintery about this shade of pink. It's subtle and chic. Did you know that today happens to be National Pink Day? A day for pink, how about that hey?!

Pink is always my favourite go to colour for lipstick and nail polish. Never thought much about having a pink car though, how about you? I guess it would be the ultimate accessory. The flamingo wallpaper may be a little over the top, but worth it, I'm sure. Happy Pink Day!
 photo flowers_zpsijoxqa7f.jpg photo flower_zpskuexa3x7.jpg photo flamingos_zpsvyehz8hp.jpg photo car_zpsbneorsve.jpg

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Making time to work out.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

 photo gym-time_zpsgferxlzp.jpg

I've made it to the gym three days in a row & I feel awesome. I’m finding that consistent gym time is helping my mental health as well as physical health. You may not know that I signed up for the last round of 12wbt. While I didn't get to follow it as much as I wanted because the lack of sleep from Zelda (seriously, who’s getting up to workout at 5:30am when you’ve been awake at 11pm, 1am and 3am?) & working full time made it untenable. I had time away with work, Lulu started her after school activities and it all meant that it wasn’t the right time for me to commit to doing the 12wbt. Making time for workouts has been so hard. 

Short Workouts
What changed my mindset in regards to fitting in a workout, was the 'quick' workouts that were part of the post-pregnancy 12wbt program. Keeping the workout to half hour is far more doable than an hour, which had previously been the set workout on the other 12wbt program that I did. You can get to the gym & back home again within that hour. You feel like you’ve had a workout & some time to yourself but it hasn’t taken up the entire evening. 

So this is the first time in a long time that I have clocked three days in a row, but you have to start somewhere, hey?! I’m normally two or three times a week, but it hasn’t been three times in a row in a while and it feels good. Maybe it is all just starting to settle down and get into more of a routine post-newborn baby too. So anyway, my tip to you if you are struggling to fit in workouts is to cut the time down, oh and mix up the workout. Try something different and find the passion again. 

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