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Saturday, March 25, 2017

 photo Pool-Time_zps5upewjic.jpg
Our weekends have looked a lot like this lately. Busy, busy, busy until pool time in the late afternoon. Last weekend we caught the new Peppa Pig movie. Zelda came too and it just might have been the longest hour of my life. That little gal just does not sit still, not for one second. Thank goodness we don't have any flights booked with her until she's a little older!

This weekend we are chilling out. It's going to be above 40 both days. Hiding indoors all day and then a swim late afternoon sounds pretty good.

Catching my eye on the internet this week:
Looking forward to this new show
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On Kate Ellis' resignation from  parliament - Why it's not enough to fight for equality within the current system
These tips for flying long haul with a toddler will come in handy for our September trip
This chunky arm knit vase comes with a free pattern

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Happy Weekend x

Frockin' up: New Kip & Co AW17 Pjs

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The girls and I popped into Olivia's Closet on the weekend and had a sneak peak at the new Kip & Co AW17 collection. I stumbled across their pjs this time last year and haven't looked back. Their pjs are so comfortable and wash well time after time. Lulu's are now getting a little short on her so luckily there is a new collection to get her through this winter.

The new Kip & Co AW17 collection is available for pre-order at Olivia's Closet from today! Can we talk for just a second about how nice it is to have a shop in town to go to and actually touch, feel and size up kids clothes that we'd otherwise only see on the internets? Yep, it's great.

Here are our picks:
 photo Kip-and-Co-2017_zpstut4cx9m.jpg

There are also beautiful wraps for babies and these gorgeous playmate - If only Zelda stayed still for more than a second!
 photo KipCoBabies_zps8pd2awpc.jpg
Head into Olivia's Closet and order your pick today. The Kip & Co AW17 Collection will be in store late March.

Pics from Kip & Co.


Munch Lunchbox

Thursday, March 2, 2017

 photo munch_zps1yypd9b6.jpg

Does the thought of filling a school lunch box every day for the school year fill you with heart palpitations? It does me. We were at a friend’s house recently and she shared food with us that she’d cooked from this book, Munch Lunchbox. It focuses on lunch friendly foods and includes an easy guide as to whether or not the food can be frozen. GAME CHANGER! Now we can cook two or three of the recipes on the weekend and freeze them for the week or weeks ahead. Yay. Plus the recipes are adult friendly too. It’s win win.

A few seem to have a lot of sugar, but I just add way less than it says and the recipe seems fine. I also substitute butter for coconut oil in the ‘sweet’ recipes and that worked out fine too. Right now we have the polenta muffins and the black bean brownies in the freezer, all ready to go for school lunches. The polenta muffins also work well at weekend breakfast with side of runny eggs, a bit of kale and a splash of cholula. Pictured below are the apple muffins, also a winner. If you are having trouble filling the lunchbox then then pick up a copy and start baking!

 photo Munch-Lunchbox_zpsezalm2kr.jpg


Round Here

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

 photo pool_zps5kjvevr9.jpg
February has been the most crazy month. First world problems have been at a maximum. Pool reno, no wifi, school starting, baby teething to name a few.

No Wifi
If you've been wondering where this blog has been, we've had 6 weeks without wifi. It has been challenging to say the least. No tv on demand, no blog, no FaceTime. We used up our phone data. I now have a bigger data focused plan, so that's one plus.

The pool renovation came into full swing with the tiles finally going down and the giant hole filling up.

I started full time work and it is full on with school drop offs and pick ups and daycare drop offs and pick ups. Work is challenging and I am loving it. They days go super quick.

Lulu started school and seems to be settling in ok. She only had one morning when she didn't want me to leave. That morning was rainy and stormy and I'm going to assume just a blip. She was never clingy at Pre-school drop offs. I think a quick bye is best.

Zelda cut two teeth in the first week of school. She also had a virus and a full body rash yet somehow managed that big grin. She didn't fuss at all at being dropped at daycare and the daycare weren't fussed by the rash as apparently once the rash comes out the virus is no longer contagious. Zelda is also crawling and into EVERYTHING. Cat food is her favourite. Followed by sucking down water from her dad's camelback. Later in the month she decided that the best thing would be to sleep on me rather than in her bed and so her cot has now been moved into the playroom and fingers crossed she'll start sleeping better again.

How have you been? I've missed working on this little blog. No wifi sucks!!

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