Advice for a C-Section

Thursday, June 30, 2016

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When I was told that I would have to have a c-section, I came across a few blog posts that went through what happened or what to expect during a c-section that were so helpful to me that I wanted to share a few things too. Rather than specific step by step information, what follows are the remarkable things that stood out to me about the C-section process and my advice to you. If you are interested in what happens during a c-section, then please click through.

Thank you from the Nappy Collective

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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A huge thank you to all who donated nappies during the May Collective, 960 nappies were donated to the Alice Springs Women's Shelter!! They greatly appreciate every single one.

Thanks again!

The Nappy Collective Alice Springs

Playground Politics

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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I have fallen in love with Playground Politics. Not only am I learning a lot, but I'm laughing while I learn. Playground politics is a satire of Play School. For those outside of Australia, Play School is a children's program where the presenters do craft, singing and stories. On Playground politics the presenter also makes craft, sings songs and tells stories but the stories are political commentary. A scathing analysis of the current political landscape. Showing us how to make an immigration detention centre or a scarecrow campaign. The explanation of a referendum was extremely timely, airing on the day of the Brexit results.

'It's been a big week of campaigning and all our politicians are tucked up in their beds. Have you ever wanted to put a politician to sleep?'

No political party escapes his commentary, with the Greens 'in bed with the liberals', Labor's 'shortbus' & a unsustainable song about Nick Xenophon. Sammy nails the part of the friendly play school presenter while coming across slightly creepy. The content is somewhat terrifying and in light of the Brexit result, aims to spur you on to be fully informed before you vote, as it does little average voter.

Playground Politics has a new episode each night until the election on iView or on Sammy J's Facebook Page

Ps House of Cards Season 3, The Katering Show, Utopia


Link Love - parenting, gardening & candid

Saturday, June 25, 2016

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Who needs a fancy cupholder?
I love polenta but I tell you what, it certainly does not love me. Each time I make it I end up getting burnt, so Wednesday night I wore long sleeves that covered my hands thinking that I had outsmarted it. But no, I hadn't, I still ended up getting burnt, this time on my face! FU Polenta. Next time I wear a full face helmet and armour!

We spent the week clearing up from the stormageddon that turned Alice Springs upside down last Friday. I've trimmed back the lime tree, pulled out dead plants from my pots and fertilised the soil ready for planting some herbs this weekend. I've missed growing basil, mint, parsley and spring onion. What's on the cards for you this weekend?

Catching my eye on the interwebs:

On celebrating your wedding anniversary by Zo They Say

On co-sleeping by The Grace Tales - we co slept with Lulu - it's such a taboo topic around health professionals but so many people co sleep. You go to do what gets you through, hey?

Have you tried this hangover cure?

5 life lessons from candid photos

Janet Waldo, the voice of Judy Jetson (among other roles) died last week at age 96 - I was a huge Jetsons fan!

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Easy Composting

Happy Weekend!

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