The Code

Monday, October 27, 2014

 photo The-Code-2_zps7f950dfe.jpg
Lucy Lawless as Alex Wisham in the Code
For the past few weeks, every now and then you'll hear someone ask 'are you watching the code?' The Code is a new drama on the ABC. It has a little bit of the outback, in the fictional town of Lindara, mixed in with the city of Canberra and a tonne of mystery. The Sydney Morning Herald describes the Code's plot as 'a slick, smart, suspenseful, hacktivist conspiracy'.

The Code shows a side to Canberra that we wouldn't think was there, a side more akin to Washington DC. The show's writer, Shelley Birse, wanted to show Canberra as 'a sophisticated international city, with a lot going on beneath the surface'. It's what's going on below the surface that makes the Code a little hard to watch at times. I did think our police force had a higher human rights standard, and am hoping that this is only fiction, and not based on some insider knowledge.

One of the best parts of the Code is the relationship between the brothers, hacker Jesse Baker (Ashley Zukerman) and journalist Ned Baker (Dan Spielman). The portrayal of the reality of caring for someone with a mental illness is really well done. Including a character with a mental illness seems to be something that newer ABC shows are doing, with Please Like Me, also confronting mental illness head on. Anyway the Code is a great show, you can catch the entire series (all 6 episodes) on iView now. 
 photo The-Code-1_zps227fcbf7.jpg
Ashley Zukerman as Jesse Baker in the Code

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

 photo birds_zpsbfbc89a5.jpg
Brightly coloured birds at the bird feeder in my Mother-in-Law's garden
What are your plans for this weekend? The tiling at the house has been completed! Yay! This means we are able to get back into the bedrooms and continue with the cork removal. Plus there is dust over a lot of our stuff that was left in the bedrooms so the challenge is to clean it all up and move it out so that hopefully the carpet can be laid later in the week. It's all happening folks!

Catching my eye on the interwebs this week:

A lot of Mindy's wardrobe on the Mindy Project is custom made! Read all about it with the costume designer here.

Oliver Jeffers, one of our favourite children's authors, has released a new short story alphabet book. This will be on our Christmas list for sure! via Brain Pickings

Larapinta Extreme Walk: Supporting women of the NPYWC 

Henry & Co have new homewards range featuring the slogan from the Lego movie via Juniors Design Blog

Have an awesome weekend!

Frockin Up - Friday

Friday, October 24, 2014

 photo AE-Jeans-1_zpsc20dfaed.jpg
Last Friday I was off work with a sick Lulu. At other times this has meant that we both stay home all day in our pjs but we had a scheduled visit to her Paediatrician at the hospital so pjs wouldn't cut it. I wore:
Top - Sportsgirl
Jeans - American Eagle - these are the most comfy jeans, the denim is so soft.
Necklace - The Lovely Bird - There are many, many lovely things in Tanya's shop, you can't stop at just one purchase!
I also had black saltwater sandals on when I left the house, not pictured now
 photo AE-jeans_zps851f4586.jpg

Renovations Week 10

Monday, October 20, 2014

 photo Week-113_zps97ab4443.jpg
New tiles, pre-grouting, looking a little darker than they are in real life
 photo Renos-week-111_zps4de9fb93.jpg
New flashings on the edge of the roof
 photo Week-112_zps0acabb41.jpg
My gardening is paying off with finds like these plants
The surprises continue. We had the asbestos tiles removed and Nick removed the remaining glue (a horrible job). As we were cleaning up the dust residue that comes with the glue I was standing near our new double doors and it felt like I was down hill. Turns out I was. There was a 40mil difference between rooms which is a lot apparently. Instead of spending Monday and Tuesday laying tiles, our tiler spent the two days levelling and so we are once again behind due to our shoddily built place. The new flashings are up and we have a quote for the carpet. Things are moving on, even if it is a little slower than I would like.

Since there isn't much that we can work on inside, I spent the weekend removing the leaves and other debris that has filled the front yard over the last few years. I cleared out a relatively small patch of the yard & managed to fill the tipper tray! Gardening gives me such a sense of achievement. It feels great to be able to see such a big change in such a short amount of time. What's your thoughts on gardening? I have to say, I get more excited about the pruning back, clearing out dead stuff bit than the planing new things and watching them grow bit. I think there is way more immediate satisfaction in clearing out.


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Saturday, October 18, 2014

 photo money-plant_zps10ea3de7.jpg
I found this plant alive and flowering at our house last weekend
The sickness continued this week with Lulu struck down with a respiratory infection and a fever which lasted from Wednesday night into the early hours of Friday morning. I was out for dinner with friends Wednesday night when she became sick, reinforcing the fact that if I leave her she gets sick! Agh! She's on the mend now & very excited that the doctor said she could go to her swimming lesson today.

Catching my eye on the internets this week:

Dinosaur Design's Louise Olsen's beautiful clothes on Inez Daily.

Coconut oil has become my staple for baking but don't think I could use it for savoury food. This article lists a few other things you can use coconut oil and explains what is so good about it.

A shampoo bottle that grows into a tree when you plant it via the Vine.

A monthly articles club sounds a lot more do-able than a monthly book club via A Cup of Jo

Ben Eltham discusses the effects of the Budget on the poor and the extent of poverty in Australia over on New Matilda.

And the Nappy Collective starts in Alice Springs on Monday!

Happy Weekend!! Hope you have a good one x

Daycare Bag

Thursday, October 16, 2014

 photo Daycare-bag_zps75665a71.jpg
The logistical parts of the morning go something like this, as I finish earlier than Nick and we only have one car seat, I drop Lulu to daycare and pick Lulu up. Nick helps get her into the car in the mornings (as you probably guess, that of itself can be a bit of a mission) and more often than not I find that when I get to the car I have forgotten something and have to head back to the house. Does that ever happen to you?

Well, on Thursday when I got to the car I realised I'd left my cold sore cream in the house. I had the mother of all cold sores, so there was no way I way going to leave without it. I grabbed the cream and we set off for daycare. As soon as we arrived I reached for Lulu's back and realised I had left it back at home. Heading back home was not an option. I explained to Lulu that I had left her bag at home, but we had her bottle for nap time and she gave me a 'what the hell?' look & I went on to say that maybe she didn't need a change of clothes (her bottle for nap time was in her hand) and that as long as she told her carers when she needed to go to the loo, she'd be ok. And you know what? She was. No accidents, no need for a change of clothes, however I did made triply sure that her bag made it to daycare the next day!

Madame Secretary

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

 photo MadamSecretary_zps5479f319.jpg
While I was home suffering from gastro last week, I caught up with the first episode of Madame Secretary on TenPlay. It is good, really good. The show is a fictionalised story about the American Secretary of State. I like that there is a strong female lead (Did you know there have been more female than male Secretaries of State over the years?) and that the show is written and produced by women. It has a bit of a West Wing feel about it. The show doesn't seem to fall into the xenophobic trap, although there was one remark about Syria that the show could have done without.

This article is quite scathing, stating, among other things, that the show does over play the female Secretary of State card. While I have only seen one episode, rather than the three that reviewer had seen, I don't think they played the female card, I think the tension came from the fact that she was a friend of the president, rather than a colleague and as a friend she has other channels of communication, rather than the formalised ones. As to the show not mirroring Hillary Clinton's reign as Secretary of State? Well, it is a fictional show, not a documentary. It's allowed to be different. And it is a rather good watch.

Weekend Adventures

Monday, October 13, 2014

A word of advice - do not go to pump in the morning and then doing a bunch of pruning and leaf clearing in the afternoon. You will be wrecked for the rest of the weekend! But the very front garden does look lovely. Nick removed the tile glue that was left after the asbestos tiles were taken up on Friday. The weekend was anything but relaxing, however it does feel good getting things done. I'm looking forward to a bit of an easy Monday, although who am I kidding, there's still the house cleaning, pump, toy library toys to return and we may get in some spectating that the Master's Games Lawn Bowls! Hope your weekend was more relaxing than ours - if you have a weekend adventures post, add a link in the comments below x
 photo Pink-babychino_zpsb1eb963c.jpg
Lulu's babycino with a bit of pink quik on top
 photo Eastside_zps6e98d348.jpg
Community event at East Side shops on Saturday
 photo casa-nostra_zps54606aa4.jpg
Saturday lunch at Casa Nostra
 photo telegraph-Station-cafe_zpsa498ef44.jpg
Meeting Nick post mountain bike ride for a coffee at the Telegraph Station Cafe

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

 photo Renegade_zps386b7803.jpg
I think I'll have to make time to sit down with this mag and a glass of sparkling red this weekend!
This week Nick and I were both hit with bouts of gastro - on different days, each of us missing a day from work. Luckily (fingers crossed!) Lulu hasn't got it yet and hopefully she won't. The rest of the week was full, organising things for the Nappy Collective and for our house renovation.

This weekend were planning more work at the house, Nick's going to be grinding the glue off the floor from the asbestos tiles that were removed and I'm going to be cleaning up the front yard. Have you any big plans for the weekend? I hope they are a little more exciting than mine!

Catching my eye on the inter webs this week....
I love baking soda, it is just so useful and 1 Million Women have compiled 10 uses for basking soda but there are many more.

New desk style on Style Life Home

The Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art is exhibiting Martu Art until November 30

Neutrals never looked so good in this new styling video by Emily Henderson for Target

And I think we just have to have this giant inflatable pink flamingo for when our pool is up and running! (via Wee Birdy) (and I know - one strong wind & it blows onto our yuccas and it's gone, but I can dream, right?!)

Renovations Week 9

Friday, October 10, 2014

 photo Week-93_zps13d503bc.jpg
A few exciting things have happened this past week with the renovation that have me excited about the possibility that this renovation might end sometime soon!
The bathroom tiles are in.
The kitchen and laundry have arrived.
And we managed to get the cork off three of the walls in Lulu's room! We'll leave the last wall for a pin board.
It all seems to be coming together nicely. I am so ready to move in and not have to share a bedroom with a 2 year old. The feeling seems to be mutual. There were a few tears about her 'big room' over the weekend. She's missing it too. It's hard for her to comprehend that the house will be fixed and that it won't look like this forever. Plus a lot of the kitchen is currently stored in her room. This is very confusing. She doesn't want my kitchen in her room. I explained that it won't be there forever. We have to wait until the rest of the house is tiled, then the kitchen can go in. But this is hard to comprehend. Soon, soon it will be finished.
 photo Week-91_zps632fb6ce.jpg photo Week-92_zps9a6f5d67.jpg

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