Exercise Stats 2016 Week 3

Monday, July 25, 2016

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Sunday Gardening instead of Workout | Monday Weights | Tuesday 4 km indoor run | Wednesday weights | Thursday Rest | Friday Rest | Saturday Rest

Monday and Wednesday I had afternoon workouts. Tuesday I was woken by Zelda at 6am. She re-settled herself but I took the opportunity to head to the gym early.

This week was another that I didn't make my goal of 5 workouts a week, but I did meet or exceed my daily move goal each day, so that is something. I'm up to 40 seconds each for my wall sits, inching closer to my 1 minute goal. Getting there slowly.

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Support the Alice Springs Women's Shelter this July

Thursday, July 21, 2016

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Uluru by @kirstc1
On the 30th of July Renee McBryde will be running in the Outback Marathon at Uluru to raise funds for the Alice Springs Women's Shelter. Our Women's Shelter is one of the busiest in Australia per capita and is drastically underfunded. In the past year the shelter has had to turn away 1600 women as they just do not have the resources to help. The shelter is in need of new facilities, including a play area for the large number of children that are seen at the service with their mums.

This cause is especially close to Renee's heart as she escaped a violent relationship in her past. She shares more about this on her go fund me page and on Mama Mia. While she has reached her target of $5000, it would be great to see that target double and really make a difference! Click here to donate.

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A day trip to Rainbow Valley

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Day Trip to Rainbow Valley | Girl in the Pjs

During the school holidays we headed out to Rainbow Valley for the day. Believe it or not but after 14 years in the Territory, I had never been to Rainbow Valley. I've been to the community that sits to the south of Rainbow Valley for work but you can't see Rainbow Valley from there. Turns out Rainbow Valley isn't very far at all from Alice Springs. It is a quite easy day trip and I was so impressed. The scenery is spectacular! This certainly will not be the last time I head out to Rainbow Valley.

A Day Trip to Rainbow Valley | Girl in the PjsA Day Trip to Rainbow Valley | Girl in the Pjs

Getting there
Rainbow Valley is approximately 75km to the south east of Alice Springs, at the end of a 22km stretch of dirt road after the Stuart Highway turn off. The corrugation on this road is something else. Ensure that all things are extra secure as it feels as though the whole car might fall apart! It is best navigated in a 4-wheel drive.

A Day Trip to Rainbow Valley | Girl in the Pjs

Picnic Lunch
Lulu is obsessed with picnics so she was very happy to know that we were having a picnic lunch.  I've learned to gather and pack this lunch quite quickly from purchasing it for big lunches at work. The ingredients are a roast chook, a lettuce, tomatoes and bread rolls. Optional extras are butter, avocado and salt. Chuck it all into a big bag with some plates, a knife and a chopping board for quick sandwich production while you are out bush and there you have it. An easy lunch. I guess you could also just pack sandwich meat instead of the chook, but a roast chook is always a nice treat. There are BBQs in the shaded picnic areas so next time we come we can bring sausages.

A Day Trip to Rainbow Valley | Girl in the PjsA Day Trip to Rainbow Valley | Girl in the Pjs

NT Parks have really put a lot of work into this park. It has new covered picnic tables, BBQs and toilets (as always, bring hand sanitiser). There are camping spaces too, as well as room to park a caravan or camper van. There is a walking track that goes behind the big rock feature and there is a path to walk on. The paths are made out of recycled tires. The paths sit lightly on the land and are removable. If you took them away today, in a month you wouldn't even know they are there. Parks have worked with Traditional Owners to create signs explaining the traditional significance of the area. These signs are dotted along the path. I was carrying Zelda and Lulu was complaining far to much about the heat (it wasn't hot) and the lack of water (yes, we left the water in the car as we weren't going far) so we didn't do the full walk. There's alway next time!

A Day Trip to Rainbow Valley | Girl in the Pjs
SaveSaveA Day Trip to Rainbow Valley | Girl in the Pjs

Exercise Stats 2016 Week 2

Sunday, July 17, 2016

 photo morning-run_zps33b26393.jpg
Sunday Gardening instead of Workout | Monday Weights | Tuesday 3.78km indoor run | Wednesday slept in | Thursday slept in | Friday Rest | Saturday Rest

Ok so I started the week by missing a workout and it all went down hill from there! I spent about three hours in the garden on Sunday raking leaves, putting the raked leaves into the tip truck and pulling weeds. Much more work than sitting on the couch, but not a workout per se.

The onset of the colder weather has not been conducive to waking up early, nor had late nights out with more than a few drinks. There's always next week....
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