Eating my body weight

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Two weeks ago I purchased some skinny black jeans in a lovely stretchy fabric. In the dressing room these jeans had plenty of give and made me feel incredible. For the past week and a half the jeans have been at the dressmaker. I’m five foot so any pant I buy, bar pyjamas, must be taken up. Anyway, Saturday night we were heading out to dinner and I wanted to wear my new jeans. I pulled them on and to my bewilderment they didn’t fit! The button does up but they feel way to tight, with the feeling extending all the way down my leg. I was mortified. How could jeans bought two weeks ago not fit now? I went to the scales and discovered what I had suspected, that since purchasing said jeans I had gained 2 kilos. My insatiable need to eat over the past two weeks may have had something to do with it as well as my sum total of zero mins/hours exercising (not counting the yoga/stretching I do each morning – remember when celebrities said that all they did to ‘stay fit’ (skinny euphemism) was yoga?). All this does make me wonder whether I should just give up skinny jeans. I love food, but struggle with portion control. I feel better when I don’t eat bread during the day – my naturopath advised me to stay away from yeast.  But other than yeast, food is good. Exercise is what I need. When push comes to shove, I actually love exercising but it’s impossible to get out of bed during cold, dark winter months. The skinny jeans will have to go. Yet we all know that I wont give up skinny jeans and I will take up exercising. Better for my health.

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