Fired Up

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Three things have me fired up this week:
Our local rag, the Centralian Advocate and their insistence on calling town camp residents ‘campers’. The residents are not campers, the majority are permanent residents who pay rent (this much was made clear in the interview with a resident, but I doubt the majority of ‘readers’ actually read the articles). Sometimes the residents have family come to stay, but sometimes I have family come to stay – they don’t call me a camper. The language harks back to the early days of white settlement and feeds into the mindset that these ‘camps’ are supposed to be temporary. At least the ABC has got it right.

The Australian Government – on two issues:
Firstly, internet censorship. Did you know that the Australian Government has had a blacklist of internet sites since 2000 and that it is against the law to publish the list? This was brought to my attention at dinner the other night. Since when is it ok for the Government to block websites they receive complaints about? Last I checked we were in some sort of a democracy with freedom of speech. But maybe we’re not. The Chaser was recently pulled off air for two weeks after the ABC received numerous complaints. The complaining minorities seem to have the strongest voice. The list was recently leaked and is said to contain the usual suspects, sites about child porn, rape, bestiality, but it also contained online poker sites and the site of a dentist. Don’t the owners of the online poker site and the dentist have the right to know that their sites have been subject to complaint and a right of reply? No wonder business has been slow. The Age reported that the current Government is looking into changes to the law to allow more transparency.

Secondly, Steven Fielding. Oh yes Steven, your knowledge and research is vastly superior to that of the top scientists in the world (see insightful New Matilda article on this subject here). Since you choose to believe, based on your extensive research no doubt, that climate change isn’t real and are intent on fing it up for the rest of us, I choose to believe that you are not real (There’s a facebook group, join it).
PS 5% by 2020 is a joke K-Rudd, even America are doing better than us on this one.

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