Grey Days

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yesterday I was reminded yet again of how good it is to be back at my old workplace. Kind of like wearing your oldest, most comfortable shoes…

It is currently winter here in the desert and yesterday I awoke to the fourth day of grey sky. Not an event that happens regularly and is usually to be celebrated when it does. However it hasn't been three months since I moved back from Melbourne and I was not happy. There was absolutely no motivation for my body to pull itself out of the bed. Grey, cloudy, cold weekdays are the worst. Grey cloudy and cold on the weekend is fine - no need to get out of bed besides making a cuppa tea and grabbing the laptop so you can continue watching Madmen. Weekdays are a different story and at some point, as close to 8:00am as possible, the boss is going to want to see you show up at work.

With the thought of being extremely late for work rather than moderately late, I made a bargain with myself. If I could get out of bed then I would get to wear my shiny new skull gumboots to work. The boots made getting up bearable and were responsible for my all day smile.

I am slightly concerned about the inability to get out of bed. This happened quite frequently in Melbourne due to the perpetual cloudy days and partly from some other dark place I’d rather not think about. I didn’t think it would happen here. I like my job and the people I work with. No need to stay in bed. Luckily there aren’t many cloudy days and to prove my point I woke up today to lovely sunshine.

On a side note - Back when my old job was my new job, in the depths of winter, I would wear my ugg boots to work. The early morning temperature in Alice Springs ranges between zero degrees Celsius and eight degrees Celsius. By lunchtime the temperature would have warmed up to a balmy twenty-three degrees Celsius and I’d change into my Birkenstock sandals.

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  1. I love those boots :)

    I especially love that you wore them to work!

    Keep up the good work writing. I'm enjoying your blog. :)


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