TV counts as a place

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Have I mentioned my love of television? A wise person once said ‘TV counts as a place’. Every now and then I will use TV as an excuse not to catch up with people. They usually don’t know the real reason. ‘I’m too tired’. ‘I have to study’. ‘I need a night in’. ‘I think I’m coming down with something’ - all mean ‘I need to catch up on some quality TV time’. Shows I love at the moment include Bones, Grey’s Anatomy (so far behind on that one it’s not funny), Gossip Girl, Mad Men (into season two - ahead of the pack), Flight of the Concords, West Wing (boyfriend and I working our way through this one) and 30 Rock. Very disappointed that Dirt wasn’t picked up for a second season and Women’s Murder Club? What happened to that? Couldn’t allow a show to continue where women were the leads and did something other than mothering, chasing men and talking fashion? Not even released in Australia on DVD – disappointing.

I currently live in the Eastside of Alice Springs. Eastside is the oldest suburb of Alice Springs and has always been a bit of a hippy enclave. People here ‘don’t watch TV’ and this doesn’t mean that they watch TV shows downloaded to their laptops. If people here have a TV it’s kept in a cupboard to show how much they don’t watch it. The skeptic within thinks that they do watch a lot of TV and only hid it in the cupboard whenever visitors come over. I hate it when people say ‘oh, I don’t watch TV’ as if they are morally superior to us that do. I don’t watch much broadcast TV either, but if you do that’s ok. A wise person reminded me that maybe I am reading in the moral superiority of the ‘non TV watchers’. Maybe it is more of an offhanded comment, than a pointed dig. But I’d like to think they’re secretly watching their TV, relishing in the delights of the ABC or, god forbid, commercial TV.

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