Delightful weekend

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ever had a weekend that was simply delightful? The one just gone was for me. Friday we went to the Lane for delicious tapas and wine before heading to the opera. Madame Butterfly was playing at Areluen Theatre and it was a chance to get frocked up and experience some big city culture. It was quite nice sitting back, listening and watching, while sipping my champagne. I must admit, though, that I was becoming fidgety towards the end and there where sections I couldn’t understand. As it turns out, the opera was in English AND Italian. I’m going to assume that what I didn’t understand was the Italian.

Saturday brunch at Olive Pink kicked off the day nicely. Then, while wandering through town, I bumped into a few friends at different times (this is one of those small town perks, the downside is that you will run into people you don't want to see when you've ducked out quickly for some milk wearing trackies that haven't been washed in a month, greasy hair and no make-up!). I am the type of person that, at times, is not up for a chat, but Saturday I was and I was loving it. Also helped that it was a sunny, 35 degree day. I am a sucker for hot weather.

Nick and a mate teamed up for a mountain bike challenge and despite the heat they came second! We celebrated at the local (across the road from our house) Indian restaurant.

Sunday we spent another 34 degree day sitting in the shade, catching up with friends and a few frosty beverages - Nice

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