Fired Up -Camel Culls & Serial Killers

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

American ignorance never ceases to amaze me! CNBC journalist is calling our Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd a ‘serial killer’ due to his signing off on a camel cull in Central Australia. Central Australia is over run with feral camels introduced in the early 20th Century by Afghan immigrants. The feral camels are destroying our desert ecosystem, killing plants and native animals. A cull has been proposed for a long time now and it is great to see that the PM is finally taking action.

The journalist complained that the culled camels would not be used for meat or milk, thus dying needlessly when they could be feeding people. Had she researched the story further she would have found that the camels are in an area covering 3.3 million square kilometres! The cull will be undertaken via helicopter. Where possible the camel meat will be used but it just isn’t practical when the camels are spread over such a large area. Maybe she could work out a way of collecting the dead camels?

On a separate note, camel burgers are quite tasty.

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