What's on in Alice Springs this weekend?

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Wearable Arts Awards, my favourite event of the Alice Springs festival season is on this Saturday night. The Wearable Arts Awards never fail to amaze and astound with the interesting and inventive creations from local artists. Costumes are entered into different categories, including natural fibres, recycled, desert fibres and fantasia. My favourite winner of past years was in the natural fibres category (or was it recycled?). The artist had collected pelts from roadkills and had created an outfit out of the pelts. An interesting way to ensure that the poor animals hit by motor vehicles did not die in vain.

The night is always great fun and is a fabulous excuse to frock up and get out and about.

Images of 'Waste of Time' and 'Venetian Bride' from wearablearts.wikispaces

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