Centerlink make 'home' visits

Friday, September 18, 2009

Last Friday’s Advocate reported that Centerlink (Australia’s Social Security) are now making ‘home visits’ so to speak. In a pilot program Centerlink staff have been visiting people who stay or live in the river to assess their needs and ensure that they have access to the benefits that they are entitled to. What a wonderful idea. Many of these people speak English as a second language and cannot read or write. Having Centerlink approach them as an advocate is fantastic. Anyone whose dealt with Centerlink knows how hard it is to get the right information from Centerlink staff. Imagine that they come to you already armed with the information you need. Ready to help you not only with benefits, but housing and medical help too. What a world.

28-10-09 Update - This program has been made permanent due to it's great success!

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