Guilty pleasures

Monday, September 21, 2009

I have a guilty secret, well not so guilty. My two favourite genres of books are crime fiction and chick lit. Give me a Maggie Alderson or a Kathy Reichs over ‘literature’ any day. At the end of the last financial year I bought a stack of work related books on my ‘to read’ pile and I am yet to finish one.

Yet my Kathy Reichs and my chick lit book (Rich Girl, Poor Girl by Lesley Loko) purchased at the same time were finished months ago. I want to read more literature, I really do, but at the end of a study day or work day, I just want to switch off with something I can get through easily. In the past week I’ve finished Lethal Legacy by Linda Fairstein and How to break your own heart by Maggie Alderson. If only I could become so engrossed in my work related ‘to read’ pile.

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