Veggie tales

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We live in a massive 1 bedroom studio down the bottom of the backyard at Nick’s mum’s house. This was supposed to be a one year only, save money thing, so that we could go overseas next year. With the wedding it has blown out to an 18 month stay. It really isn’t that bad, as the studio is, as I mentioned, massive and is a fair way from the house. The best thing about it, however is the citrus trees (lemon, orange and pink grapefruit) and the fabulous vegetable garden Nick’s mum has grown. Even better is, now that it is harvest time, Nick’s mum is overseas for a month and we get to reap the benefits! Cauliflower, beetroot, spring onion, oregano, tomatoes, parsley and three kinds of lettuce, YUM!! However, we are feeling a little overwhelmed with the responsibility of looking after the garden. If you’ve ever been to our house in Melbourne you would have noticed those poor plants, living out their final days in our ‘hospice’. They thought they’d be going to a fabulous garden and ended up in tiny pots begging for their life. Anyway, we’re determined to do better with the vegetable garden. So far so good.

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