Fired Up - Fines for beggers and euphemisms

Friday, October 23, 2009

The NT has increased state fines for begging to $6500. Obviously it musn’t go without saying that if you are begging you probably don’t have $6500 in your bank account (you probably don’t have a bank account) to pay a fine. There go you will be sent to jail. In jail you’ll probably get a meal, a roof over your head and a chance to dry out, so it might not be so bad, but why do we have to use our jails for this? Surely we could put some money into accommodation and support for the homeless instead of increasing our prison population and police force? I am pretty sure that our police have other issues to police. The government is now reviewing the bill

On Monday one of our NT parliamentarians referred to asylum seekers as scum. While this does sound like something a parliamentarian would say after a few drinks in a pub, it was made in Parliament, quite probably while the man was sober (I can’t be certain of this). Scaremongering about refugees is something that the Australian government has done quite well in the past Howard era, and it looks as though it will be bought into the Rudd era. Oh K Rudd you held so much promise.

And don't get me started on Wilson Tuckey (a Federal Government Politician) who yesterday stated that the asylum seeker boats were 'full of terrorists'. Yes, a terrorist's preferred method of travel is a leaky boat.

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