On being a landlord while residing at your boyfriend's mum's place

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Until the engagement I had been dreaming about moving back into my townhouse. It’s a two story, two bedroom place in a complex that has a pool and a gym. I love it. I love having a place of my own. It’s been great to be able to live in the studio in Nick’s mum’s backyard, but it mostly contains her (really nice) things and I’ve been missing my things, which are in storage in Melbourne. I think I also have this level of pride that I have my own place and stuff and that I can take care of myself. I’m not sure where I’ve gotten the idea that being a landlord before 30 is not something to be proud of. While I am living elsewhere someone else is paying my mortgage –pretty sweet. With rising interest rates and the ever increasing price of houses, owning your own home wasn’t really a possibility amongst our Melbourne friends, so mentioning your rental property wasn’t entirely appropriate. Everyone rented, so a sweet deal at Nick’s mum’s would sound great to them. Back in Alice Springs, most of our friends own their own home and when asked where we live, living at the back of Nick’s mum’s house doesn’t sound as cool as ‘in my house’.

A few months back I approached my real estate agent about the possibility of us moving back in, but a glitch in communication last December meant that my place has been rented with a longer lease than I had approved. Thus when we wanted to move back in it wasn’t available. The house has recently become available, yet with the wedding and saving to go overseas for at least six months (including a ski season), it really isn’t financially viable for us to move in. Nick says we can make it work if I really want to, but I just don’t think it’s wise. The longer we've lived here the more it feels like our own. Plus we are fairly independent here, as much as we would be at mine. Maybe we can live there when we come back to Australia or maybe that cute little townhouse will simply remain a happy home for someone else. In the meantime, I’m going to relish in the knowledge that I became a landlord before 30.

Images: My wonderful house as photographed by me


  1. It looks so nice, I can see why you look forward to moving back!

  2. Being landlords before 30 was something that Joel and I achieved. But I must admit it was really hard to leave our little unit in Eastside that we had put so much work into to let some strangers live in it whilst we moved into a pretty crusty house. But two years on the house is all renovated now and I can see it was a good move for us. We sold the unit last year and this month the lease is up and a newly married couple will finally move in and call it home. No regrets onwards and upwards!


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