Desert Girl's ode to the Beach

Monday, November 9, 2009

There is a saying that in Alice Springs we are close to every beach in Australia. 'But I thought Alice Springs was in the middle of Australia' I hear you say. Well that's why we're close to EVERY beach (this really is my fiancé's favourite joke). Reality is we are at least 20hrs drive from all of these beaches and lately, everywhere I turn (on the net), there are photos of the beach, so while I study for my exams (the last for my Graduate Diploma in Urban & Regional Planning) I have been dreaming of the beach. I love the beach. No matter what the temperature I can almost always swim. I love the sand. I love the waves, especially the large ones that carry and dump you. I love the umbrellas and the beach cricket. These are a few of my favourite beaches.....

Hyams Beach, New South Wales

Marengo Beach, Apollo Bay, Victoria

Acapulco, Mexico

All photos by me


  1. Come to Hawaii! We have loads of beaches for you.

  2. 20 hours? There're some nice beaches in SA if in need of an urgent beach fix & time is short. Within 13-15 hours. :-)

    Lovely shots & nice blog.


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