My Place and Yours - Through the front door

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This week's Meet Me at Mike's My Place & Yours Meme was 'through the front door'. This is what I see through our front door:Our cat Sir Elton normally hears us arriving home (either by bike or car) and wakes himself up to meet us at the door. He's generally fairly bleary eyed and standoffish, but lately he has been hanging for cuddles when we get home. Possibly due to the 42 degree weather making it less desirable to him to be outdoors. You know that you're home when you've been greeted by Sir Elton.


  1. Sir Elton is very lovely. We've got Mr Bigglesworth and Jasper to greet us, but only depending on what mood they're in!

  2. what a lovely kitty to come home to : )

  3. Cute kitty! So fluffy and cuddly! What an awesome welcoming committee! xx


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