Roller Derby Girl

Friday, November 27, 2009

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I have a secret wish. My wish is to become a roller derby girl. I have shared with wish previously with my very supportive brother whose response was to shake his head and say 'they'll kill you'. To be fair, he has actually seen roller derby, live, in South Australia. The first time he went the ambulance came twice - first to a girl with broken ribs, second to a girl with a broken arm - so he just might be right. I'm only 5ft and not very stocky. However, last Saturday afternoon we went to see Whip It and my dream was reignited all over again. If Ellen Paige can do it, why can't I? Apart from the fact that there is no roller rink in Alice Springs. I bet we have enough eager women to make a league.

Whip It is an excellent, inspiring movie. Ellen's character, Bliss, is a great roll model for those who prefer their girls to have hobbies, interests, friends and a life apart from a fella (I'm taking to you Bella/Twilight).

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