So what do you do?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We were at a gig last night (yes, sit back and that for a second. Alice Springs, gig, are you sure? Well, the Lane now has live music on Mondays, pretty chilled, great pizza.) and got talking to the people around us. Inevitably the question of ‘what do you do?’ came up. I answered ‘I’m an Anthropologist’. Someone replied ‘Bones?’ I immediately corrected ‘people and culture, I work at the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority – sacred sites’. ‘Oh, I thought Anthropology was about bones, like Jurassic Park’. ‘Er, no’. Why couldn’t I have just ran with it?

I came into work today (my non-bone, living people and culture related work) and a colleague shared with me a course that will soon be run in town about identifying skeletal remains. I’m in! And I won’t need to correct people when they say ‘bones?’

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