Dear Miranda Devine

Thursday, December 3, 2009

In response to your article 'Abbott's real trouble is the Sisterhood', I'd just like to take the chance to thank you for giving me the opportunity to re-affirm my views on feminism and abortion. It is always wonderful to read something I so thoroughly disagree with.

I fear that you may have missed the point. 'The aggresively secular, paleo-feminist, emasculating Australian broad' (by this I am assuming you mean 'women who believe in choice'?) does not appose Tony Abbott on the basis of his blokeishness, we appose Abbott due to his views on issues which greatly impact women. His views which seek to decrease our freedom and choices. Freedom and choice won by the 1970s and earlier feminists you so clearly despise.

I'd aslo like you to clarify for me a few points in your article:
Who are 'the abortion fundamentalists posing as women'?
What is their 'extremist viewpoint'?
What on earth is 'abortion on demand'? (as far as I'm aware one needs to go to their GP and then be referred to their local gynacologist and/or hospital to obtain an abortion and this is in the states where women don't have to 'prove' that continuing the pregnancy will cause physical or mental defect - not exactly 'abortion on demand')
One last thing, it is not, nor has it ever been ok for the Health Minister to infer that the current abortion level is attributed to a lack of virtue.

So yes I have a problem with Tony Abbott and I am sure many other women do too.
Alli - Girl in the Pyjamas

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  1. Here here! I try not to read Miranda Devine because she never fails to make me furious - and I don't like to be angry unnecessarily!


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