Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm not much of a gardner. My forays into gardening have been few and far between. I buy a pot plant, forget to water it or over water it, and it dies. The End.

Since the gate has been fitted with a lock we are now parking our car off the back lane. The fence next to where we park it is ugly and the next door neighbours' porch light shines through our bedroom window making our room akin to daylight most nights. It was begging for some quick growing sunflower action.

I picked up some lovely seeds from the local big superstore, grabbed the shovel and attempted to garden. I scraped off the weeds and dead leaves from the top of the soil. Doug two small trenches. Dropped in the seeds. Covered them with topsoil. Watered them. The End. Whether they end up growing remains to be seen. I really should pen the Lazy Girl's Guide to Gardening.

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