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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wherever I roam I can't live without my pyjamas, they come with me everywhere, always the first thing to be packed. However, when I really thought about this theme, what makes my house a home, it's having Nick there with me. He makes me laugh, makes me feel comfortable, helps me celebrate, makes me happy. It's not a home without him.

This photo, from 2006, is of Nick returning home to the small place where we lived in Richmond, Victoria.

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  1. i gotta take my pj's with me too..they're so snuggly & soft & comfy...btw your Nick sure looks a sweet guy, i'm sure home just wouldn't be home without him :))

  2. Home really is about the people in it isn't it?

  3. Yeah, I feel the same way about the ‘version’ of Nick who lives at my place too!

  4. Gorgeous, totally beautiful post;)

  5. Hi Nick!!!! Hi Alli!!!! Such a nice post about what matters most, I think. x


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