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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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I've been feeling fairly down the last few days and have somehow come down with a sinus infection and sore throat despite the number of vitamins I take each day. Sometimes life just sucks. So I thought I'd share some funny twitter posts from a few of the fabulous people I follow on twitter.......

When you get down and hopeless in life, remember: the fat kid from “Stand by Me” married Rebecca Romijn. Never give up.


Here is Rule No. 1: It is not a virtue to “get kids to read books” when the books are shite.


A Peruvian gang killed dozens and sold the fat to cosmetic companies. Maybe it’s mass murder…Maybe it’s Maybelline.


I picked up the gun and put it in my pocket. Blanche had told me about holiday dinners with her family. I wanted to be prepared. #vss

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