Tucked up in Bed

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Melbourne weekends were all about exploring the city. Breakfast out and about was usually the first order of the day, followed by endless wandering through laneways, stores and galleries.

Being back in Alice, things have changed and life has slowed. Often Saturday and/or Sunday mornings are now spent tucked up in bed with Nick, Sir Elton, a cuppa tea and a magazine or journal articles. We've rediscovered the art of cooking breakfast with parmesan eggy bread a new favourite.

Our afternoon adventures now involve bike riding, reading, catch ups with friends and a movie - when the cinema complies with a favourable offering.

Did they think we would not notice? Cadbury deception

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

 photo cadbury_zpsshfkyoo8.jpg

Last Friday night my lovely boyfriend kindly shared we me some chocolate he had purchased for his weekend camping trip. We purchase this chocolate quite regularly, though the last month had been spent getting through leftover Easter chocolate (a trying time, but somehow we made it). In this month Cadbury had changed the packaging of their block of chocolate from a foil and paper wrap to a foil wrap with a cardboard outer. Ok fair enough change the packaging, however they’d also decreased the amount of chocolate, 250g to 200g and changed the form of the chocolate blocks from volumous squares to flat rectangles. A change that may prevent chipping your tooth when you’ve had the chocolate refrigerated (decreasing potential lawsuits if we ever become as litigious as America) but it’s nowhere near as enjoyable to eat. 

Friday night I was willing to give the company the benefit of the doubt and think that they had introduced a new block to their range but after some detective work at the supermarket I cannot deny that Cadbury is now selling us less chocolate for our buck. Did they think we would not notice? Launching post Easter when everyone is sick of chocolate was sneaky. Is this a way of not laying off workers during a time of financial slowdown or a plan they had for a while to make more money selling less stock? I think the latter. Did they think we would not notice? I admire the cunning execution of their dastly plan but as a consumer I’m disappointed. 

I lied about being the outdoor type

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I lied about being the outdoor type
(photo from a fateful day of 3 flat tires)

I recently came across this quote:
“I’ll be an anthropologist no matter what my job title is” (Jade Delisle)

I think it describes the conclusion I have come to about myself over the last few years. During the second half of my Anthropology Honours year I applied for a number of Anthropology jobs, propelled by the thought of AusStudy being cut-off and having to increase by nightfill hours at Bi-Lo to make ends meet. I was lucky enough to be interview for the first job I applied for and furthermore, I was offered the job.

I moved up to the Northern Territory and began working as an applied Anthropologist for an NT Government statutory body. Over the next few years I thoroughly enjoyed many aspects of the job and discovered that I did not like others (driving out bush has come to scare the bejesus out of me to the point where I don’t really enjoy any type of 4-wheel drive ‘adventure’, on the other hand I love being with people, hearing their stories, I love research and organising data).

After 3 years, overwhelmed by my 4-wheel drive panic attacks and wanting to hide from the problems within Central Australia (racism, poverty etc), I packed it in and moved to Melbourne with my boyfriend. There I worked admin jobs within private enterprise, hiding from Anthropology. I had entertained the idea of becoming a town planner but forgot about it until I found myself between jobs. I enrolled in a Planning Grad Dip delivered online to external students. This is the point where I should say that ‘I never looked back’, however throughout my subjects I have found returning to Anthropology. Anthropology has greatly influenced and informed my Planning studies. I can’t escape it and nor do I want to. I can be a town planner, but I’ll always be an anthropologist.

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