Friday, January 15, 2010

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In a recent Frankie issue, Daniel Moore wondered about what happened to our childhood expectations….

‘for me it was midway through 2009 when I broke my left leg for the third time. Instead of being a multi-millionaire with a doting wife, I was hopping around on crutches complaining about everything while my housemate washed my back in the bath as I covered my bits with a flimsy facecloth.

It was during this time that I thought about expectations we place on ourselves and how misguided they can be. I can truly say that at 30 I am nothing like the person I imagined I would be’
Daniel Moore, Frankie Issue 34, p30

I imagined that I’d be married with kids by 30.
I left school thinking I’d become a psychologist.
I imagined that I’d always live in Adelaide and maybe travel a little.

These expectations have slowly slunk away.
Hasn’t meant that I haven’t wanted to get married and have kids, but it hasn’t happened yet.
I’m not a psychologist, but I am an Anthropologist and a qualified town planner.
I don’t live in Adelaide.
I have travelled and will travel again.
Life is different than I expected, but as I turn 30, it isn’t bad.
Not by a long shot.

There was a number of years where I new I would become Super Grover when I grew up. I had a mask and cape and would 'fly' off the back of the couch to save people.....

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