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Thursday, January 14, 2010

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My summer reading list has become quite long. Some of the books I've started, but haven't been able to finish as yet. With uni and work last year I found very little time for reading (other than uni related journal articles - they really don't count), but with a new year I am vowing to get back in the game. I will read for 30 minutes each day and longer on weekends. Hopefully this will knock some of the books off the list.

Besides wanting to spend more time reading, my manifesto was inspired by a friend and her new book blog I hate books. The blog is a record of her 2010 book challenges, including the challenge to read 10 novels a month - agh!


  1. 10 novels a month! Arggg that is insane!
    i read every night in bed but sometimes its only for about 15 minutes and then I crash.
    your collection looks very appealing.
    Happy reading!

  2. Maybe I'm insane, but I'm having fun trying!

    I'm upto 7 books in January. It's not so daunting if you remember that's about 2.5 books per week or 2 books per week in 5 week months. My secret: I don't watch TV. Those 2 or more hours that most people spend in the evenings watching TV is replaced by reading. That way, 2 books per week is no problem, as long as they're not doorstops

  3. I put the new philosophy into practice this morning and finished Tying the Knot - very funny very practical advice.

    One book down, 13 to go!


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