Fired up - sleepwalking and racists

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1. So you can claim that you were sleepwalking and plead not guilty to rape? How about I murder someone and claim I was ‘sleep waking’ - do you think the charges would stick?

2. Banning fireworks will not stop crazy people/disgruntled customers wheeling trolleys full of explosives into banks

3. I desperately want to comment on the Alice Springs Town Council’s bid to have more say in Planning, but I can’t – agh!!

4. Blatant racisim and 'colourful' euphanisms - Senator Boswell refering to Climate Change Minister Penny Wong as 'China' (see here) Marieke Hardy commented on twitter 'I love how overt racism is just described as 'colourful' these days. Hitler must have been like a rainbow.'
The Brisbane Times journalist said that Boswell is 'known for putting his views passionately and sometimes combatively'. If his other views are anything like this one then 'passionately' equals bigoted and 'combatively' means that people tend to get angry when he opens his mouth.

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