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Friday, February 5, 2010

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Quote of the week goes to the fabulous Marieke Hardy:

'I lost my virginity (I shall use that idiotic V plate term when you hold a gun to my head) at a relatively young age to an absolutely wonderful boy with whom I was tempestuously and passionately involved. I don't regret a moment of it, nor do I feel in that submitting to a beautifully awkward and momentarily painful experience left me with nothing left to "give" a suitor (limping along with merely a personality and mind to offer potential husbands, the shame of it).'

To tell young girls (not boys, theirs is something quite different) that their virginity is a precious 'gift' is ludicrous. A girl is a gift to no one and she has much more to offer a potential partner (boy or girl) than just her virginity. To think that young people (I can use that phrase now that I'm 30) are going to wait until their are married to have sex is crazy. It was the expectation 30-40 years ago (hands up if you know someone, parents or otherwise, who were married at 18 and are now divorced) but it shouldn't be today. The expectation of waiting creates all sorts of pressure and guilt in relation to sex. Times are a changing Mr Abbott.

I published too early! Second to Marieke is Catherine Deveny's 'lord's prayer':

'Our Tony, who art in Speedos. Hallowed be thy blame. Women are uncovered meat left out for the cat. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done. On earth as it is in the Vatican (where even they think you're taking their dogma a bit too far). Give us this day our daily clean feed. And forgive us our global warming nonsense. As we forgive those scientists who have no idea what they're talking about with their evidence: ''reason'' and ''proof''. Lead us not into temptation (please put your shirt on). But deliver us from equality, secular government and a republic.'

Deveny also adds...
'Sacredness bestowed on virginity is a smokescreen to veil the deep desire to oppress and control women. It's reinforced by the majority of society who buy into it in even in a most diluted form.'

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