Big Weekend

Sunday, March 28, 2010

This weekend Alice Springs played host to the Triple J One Night Stand. The weekend kicked off straight after work Friday night with beers at the T & C, followed by an exhibition opening at Peta Appleyard Gallery, then bands at Annie's Place.

Come Saturday morning cider was no longer my friend and a breakfast at Olive Pink was in order. The afternoon was spend at Alice Springs Resort floating around the pool, drinking a gin and tonic or two. The ladies and lads from the Shitbox Rally happened to be there too, adding to the merriment and all of a sudden it was time to head to the One Night Stand.

BlueJuice was a highlight followed closely by Washington. Jimmy made the best camel burgers you'll taste all night.

Over the weekend I may or may not have:
  • told the lead singer of BlueJuice that he could sit with my friends to eat his dinner, only to have them tell him there was no room at their table
  • been mistaken for a VIP, then stalked radio celebrities
  • tap danced for Nicky Bomba
  • met Kenny
  • watched Mad Max with no sound and laughed at a fellow who thought it was playing in German
  • laughed at the drummer from Gyroscope, then agreed with him that base players are the cause of all the worlds problems
  • given Alex Dyson a lecture about Sacred Sites
  • participated in a mass dance off
  • had my first snake bite
How was your weekend?


  1. Ahh sounds like fun.
    Glad I was there for the start of the huge weekend!
    Last night sounded awesome...good enough to have a hangover for!

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog

    sounds like a fun crazy weekend

    saw your post on postmodernism the other day. I learned about it in my critical theory course for literature. I'm an English major, but it appears PM pops up everywhere. I cannot decide what I think of PM, it has the ability to destroy all fun and happiness of daily life if everything is just some stupid societal construction. but nevertheless PM fascinates me

  3. Social constructions are the basis of societies, but that doesn't destroy the fun, just makes it easier to participate in the society when you are aware of how it functions. I agree, it is fascinating.


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