New Job & The difference between Anthropologists and Town Planners

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I've started my new job, currently working as a Planning Officer with the Department of Lands and Planning in Alice Springs. Finishing up at my previous job was really stressful, particularly since I was finishing and then leaving for the wedding the next day. But coming back to a new job has been great. I didn't return to the piles of emails and loads of work that normally await a return from holidays, I have simply been able to ease into a new job. There's been a great deal to learn and the people I'm working with have been wonderful, teaching me all I need to know and being patient (or laughing out loud) when I get it wrong.

My other new job, Heritage Officer for the NT Heritage Department, starts in two weeks - I can't wait.

The difference between Anthropologists and Town Planners

One small observation thus far:
Planners do not seem to use notebooks. Anthropology is all about the field notebook. Everything is documented. Planners have applications, plans, the Act, the Planning Scheme. They take notes on copies of applications or plans but they don't have notebooks. By mid morning day one I'd asked for a notebook. An anthropologist can't live without one.

Ps If you like a good sticky beak, a job as a town planner is for you.
Pps I lied about being the outdoor type

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