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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Scroll down for information on the Charles River Five sentencing.
Our new power generator arrived from Darwin, complete with delivery address in case it got lost along the way?! This doesn't happen every day so it warranted a few hours off to watch it go through the Gap. The trailer it's on had 4 tyres on each side and it was traveling slower than walking pace coming around the round about. Apparently it cracked 50km per hour on the straights!

An NT cop was sacked after he was caught drink driving in a police car. What is the world coming to if a cop can't have a few tinnies while on duty?!

Yesterday the Charles River Five were sentenced. They had all plead guilty to manslaughter and the judge has previously found that the death was caused by negligence rather than recklessness. Legally, a finding of recklessness means that the guys knew that their actions could cause death. Negligence means that they were unaware that their actions could cause death. All had different levels of moral culpability and the sentences reflected that, plus one received a lighter sentence for co operating with police.

The judges sentencing remarks concluded that this was a racially motivated attack. He said that he doubted that the boys would have tried to antagonise people camping in the river if they'd been white people camping in tents. Outside the court, the victim's mother stated that the boys might be "good on the outside, inside there is racism straight out".

Hopefully others will learn from the mistakes of these boys and think twice about their behaviour, drunk or not. For the time being the boys will have to survive in a prison population of 80% indigenous people.

Sentencing remarks here
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