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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Obama has a new bicycle policy which elevates the humble bicycle and pedestrian to the status of the automobile in transportation planning. His Transportation Minister said "This is the end of favoring motorized transportation at the expense of non-motorized".

Like many cities which expanded during the post-WWII era, Alice Springs is a town created for cars. Apart from the Todd Mall which is closed to traffic, the rest of the 'CBD' is a car only zone. Try walking crossing Railway Terrace at any time of day and you're taking your life in your hands, same goes for Hartley Street, not to mention the numerous, ugly carparks that litter the town. The only zebra crossing exists at the airport.

Yet Alice Springs is a relatively flat town, with development kept off the hills due to sacred sites. The furthest suburbs (bar the Rural Living areas) are no more than 6km from the 'CBD'. Alice is ripe for the bicycle. Rather than investing in car parking, the Council should be upgrading the bike/pedestrian paths and linking the network for easier movement. Put in a few more bike racks and start educating motorists about zebra crossings. If less locals are driving then the existing car parking will be available for tourists.

Now for infill development....


  1. It would be very nice indeed if council linked up the bike paths. There are some great shared paths here. Especially along the Todd River from Heavitree Gap through to the Telegraph Station. What annoys me is how slow council can be at repairing the path that runs along South Terrace when the concrete buckles - it's not exactly an area where you can easily ride around the damage.

    I used to live over near Tmara Mara & most of my cycle route was on the roads which was okay but not always peaceful. Now I live over near the Golf Course and I find I ride a lot more as the path is there & I can just zone out, pedal & enjoy the scenery.

  2. The paths in the golf course area are lovely. The lack of repairs annoy me too!

    The Council should link up the path along Larapinta to the Simpson's Gap bike path. It's annoying how that path stops just past Araluen.


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