Dodgy builders, homophobes and how to get caught selling drugs

Saturday, May 22, 2010

1. Finally someone is mentioning the businesses who are out of pocket from Carey Builders going bust. It's not just about the people who bought Framptons House and Land packages. And if you sell house and land packages and the builder goes bust then you need to take some responsibility for it, especially if they've been bust before. Read about the businesses here and how Framptons First National is taking no responsibility for it here.

2. It's one thing to air outdated and hateful opinions at the pub, it's another to publish them in a state newspaper. Surely the editor of the Herald Sun should have stopped Akermanis' column from going to print? That's what I assumed an editor was there for, but maybe not. AFL CEO has hit out against the Herald Sun on ABC radio, wondering what minority group the Sun'll pick on next week. Read about it here.

3. If you're going to sell drugs, don't sell them through Facebook or txt messages for that matter. History from both of these things can be easily obtained and will be used against you in your trial, as a young Darwin man recently found out. Read about it here.

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