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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

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This is the best review of Sex and the City 2 I've read to date. Why can't there be movies made for women? The movies don't have to be masterpieces (the reviewer admits that she didn't enjoy Sex & the City) but there is just so many movies out there that are aimed solely at men or kids. While romantic comedies are aimed at women, they generally focus on 'girl gets boy' rather than on the friendships and everyday life that surrounds it. Sex and the City has proved there is a market for these types of movies, so wake up studios and start making them.

My view of the movie? It has moved a fair way away from the TV show. This movie in particular was more vapid. Only one scene, the heart to heart between Miranda and Charlotte, showed what we'd come to see, the friendship. If they're going to do a third movie (and I, for one, would seriously advise against it) they need to go back to the day to day. The problems between partners, the helping each other out through day to day life. This movie attempted it but didn't dive in.

As this reviewer said - it was a great night out (well, afternoon for us) but the movie could have been so much better.


  1. I didread the Guardian review and was going to write a comment on my thoughts, but have sinced paid attention to your photo..pac man!!! I wouldn't have used my $12 on credits and not bothered with the film!

  2. Unfortunately the pac man machine is a 'file photo' from January at the Corner Hotel, otherwise you're right, it that would have been a much better use of $12.


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