Fieldtrip - Repairs & Maintenance Check

Monday, June 7, 2010

Part of our job as Heritage Officers* is to check on repairs and maintenance to Heritage listed properties. A few weeks ago we took a trip to the Barrow Creek and Tennant Creek Telegraph Stations to check on the works undertaken to mitigate against rising damp. In the picture below you can see the damage to the bricks caused by the salt in the water that has seeped into the bricks.
To prevent this from happening the paving has been cut away from the brink and stones have been put down. The stones absorb the water that would have gone into the bricks.

The cement floors inside the building have also been cut away and replaced with stone to stop the damp affecting the lime washed walls. Where the cement floors remained up to the wall, the lime wash has started to crack and flake away. Where the floor was cut out and replaced with the stone, the lime wash was unaffected. Below you can see the damp in the stones, but the walls behind are unaffected.

*I'm currently working as a Heritage Officer and a Town Planner - I think I must be the first person ever to work for two government departments, oh the headaches it has caused some people...

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