Plates of goodness

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Last week we decided that we'd try to take more photos of things that make us happy. If possible one a day. Now that's a hell of a lot of photos so I think I'll try for now to go with one every few days.

The photo below is from Friday night. Since their reopening, the Rock Bar have put on a plate of nibbles for punters who are there on a Friday night. The best part of the platters (apart from wondering if they'll ever be stocked with soy sauce for the mini-dim sims, is the Chicken Kiev balls. Simply delicious. However the last few weeks we haven't received these plates of goodness and we suspect our friend may have some how upset the chef. She wasn't with us on Friday and we once again received our plate of goodness - coincidence? I think not.

This photo is from today. I made it into town to catch the tail end of the markets and picked up this lovely bunch of flowers from Marni's Fresh Flowers and if that wasn't enough, as I perused the second hand book stall I spotted Marian Keyes latest book!
What's made you happy today?


  1. The Beanie Festival! Hooray for silly beanies. I saw a lady at Woollies at lunchtime wearing an emu on her head.


  2. Nice score with the book. I love Marian Keyes.

  3. Amanda - How wonderful, such awesome headcoverings in woolies!!

    Caroline - Thanks! Marian Keyes is great. I love how she can bring real issues into what many would categorise as 'chick lit'.


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