Kick Jab Kill

Thursday, July 15, 2010

This week heralded the beginning of serious training for the upcoming Canadian ski season. Nick and I are leaving Alice Springs at the beginning of September and we’ll arrive in Canada via Europe at the beginning of November, with the season starting December 1st. While I have been quite good at getting to the gym at least three days a week, my friend suggested that I also work on balance and co ordination. And so I began my foray into group fitness, with my friend to back me up.
We arrived on Monday for Zumba only to find it cancelled indefinately. While we were contemplating what to do next a nice gym goer mentioned Attack. It was full on, with many co ordinated arm and leg movements and high intensity throughout. Everyone was having fun and no one was taking it too seriously. Luckily, because many of the moves were quite rediculous.
Tuesday we made it to Balance and I thought I’d go for the trifecta with Attack again on Wednesday. But I’d read the times wrong and wound up at what may be known as ‘kick, jab, kill’. Not as intense as Attack, but works you all the same. One participant retired hurt (blood rule). Today I ache everywhere, this must be good for me. Canada, here I come.

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