Thursday, July 1, 2010

Speaking of role models, Kylie is one of my heros and the other day she sang on stage at Glastonbury with the Scissor Sisters!We saw the Scissor Sisters a number of years ago in Melbourne and they were fabulous. A weird gig as at that stage they had been getting a lot of commercial radio airplay and so the crowd was made up of everyone from 6 year olds to 80 year olds, gay, straight, you name it they were there. The lead singer mentioned that they'd had a few complaints about the language used at the Sydney concert and that as their name is the Scissor Sisters you should have expected this and should not have brought your children if you don't want them to hear it. Anyway the music was great.

We saw Kylie the following December, the first concert tour after her illness. She was amazing. Such energy and stage presence. The crowd just loved her and everyone was up dancing.

Check out the YouTube video of Kylie & the Scissor Sisters here.

Photo from ABC News website here - Routers, Luke MacGregor

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