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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last week a mate asked for a list of a few favourite bars we had in Melbourne. Here is what I sent her:

The City
E55 - the basement bar on Elizabeth St with the comfy couches and loud music

Section 8 - also known as the container bar. When we first went there they didn't have a roof, just umbrellas on a string. Now they've gone all fancy and put up a roof/verandah

Hairy Canary - A bit fancy, but the tapas is amazing. You can also just get a drink here.

Double Happiness (cocktails in photo are from here). The photos on the website look terrible but this is one of our favourite bars. Better photo here Nick said you have to have a lychee martini.

Next door - through the wooden door (no sign, never knew it's name till now) New Gold Mountain This place is cool and everyone thinks that you are great for knowing where it is.

If fake lawn, garden furniture and waiters in tennis outfits is your thing than Madame Brussels is for you Jugs of Pimms and Singapore slings, perfect for a late afternoon beverage. The food is overpriced and terrible, but cocktail jugs are great.

Hells Kitchen - in Centre Place, which I always thought was Degraves Lane. Good food and cheap drinks. No mobile phone reception.

While on Degraves Lane go to the underground passageway to Flinders Street Station. I love the pink and black tiles, but there is also a gallery space, second hand shops and most often a good busker

Outre Gallery I think their shag exhibition is still on Make sure you have cash as you'll want to buy stuff and they ship worldwide.

If gallery looking is your thing then start at the end of Flinders Lane and make your way back to Elizabeth Street, looking at all the galleries along the way. 45 Downstairs is great There is also a gallery on street level at 45.

Hosier Lane (between Flinders Lane & Flinder St) has the best city street art. It is where all the tourists go to view street art. The backstreets of Fitzroy also have good street art.
Tim Burton exhibition at acmi -

Marios – good coffee, no soy and they delight in looking down on you when you ask for soy.

Damask – great Lebanese food

The Black Cat is my favourite Brunswick Street bar $5 house wine

The Gorman and Mimco outlets are on Bridge Road, Richmond. I'd shop on Brunswick street if you have time. Also the Nova cinema on Lygon Street (walking distance from Brunswick St) has $6 movies on Mondays, if you're careful you can make at least three in one day.
With the short time you have I wouldn’t bother with DFO at Spencer Street. Generally a whole lot of shit. Time vs benefit comes out long on time and short on benefit.

Smith Street
Lost & Found – you will want to furnish your house with everything here

Cavellero – great wine, food and staff with beards plus they only use records for their sound system – yep Melbourne hipsters

Peko Peko – best Japanese food

Gertrude Street is also good.

Enjoy Melbourne!

Picture: New Gold Mountain


  1. what a great list!

    Hope you're well

    Karen x

  2. Thanks! I'm great. Busy packing. Last two days in Alice Springs before we head to Canada. Very exciting xx


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