Confit de Canard

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

While we were at Le Cheval Blanc we asked about any particular French dishes that we should try. Jill suggested we cook Confit de Canard, which is essentially 'duck in a can'. The duck is slightly pre cooked in the can and resting in plenty of duck fat. All you need to do is scrape off some of the fat, place the duck in a roasting pan and cook it until golden. At the same time you can roast some potatoes in the extra fat. Delicious! I also roasted some beetroot in balsamic vinegar and made a salad with the beetroot, goats cheese and baby spinach.

The fabulously large oven

The duck before

Potatoes roasted in duck fat. Roast Beetroot and goats cheese salad.

The roasted duck
It would have to be the most decadent meal, not for everyday, but definitely for special occasions. Plus they sell Confit de Canard in Canada. I see a French Roast sometime soon in our wintery future.

Many thanks to Nick, Christina and Jim for help with the preparation xx

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