Badalona the Frankston of Barcelona

Saturday, October 16, 2010

After Paris turned grey and raining we thought that it might be nice to head to sunny, warm Barcelona. Nick has always wanted to try paella in Spain. We booked a cheap hostel out at the beach, a 29 euro Ryanair flight and off we went. We were staying in a northern suburb of Barcelona, called Badalona, which we quickly worked out was the Frankston of Barcelona. Next to the beach, cheap, and mullet central. Devoid of paella and tapas. In Badalona the locals don't eat pealla so they don't serve it. Turns out that they only serve paella in Barcelona in the tourist areas. Badalona is not normally a tourist area. Oh well, but we did have a nice few days at the beach (and yes I did sunbathe topless). And Badalona is right on the train line, so it was a quick 20min ride into the centre of Barcelona.
The architecture in Barcelona (and Badalona) is amazing. Even the average apartment block will have an interesting design.

Public space areas, however, tend to be devoid of grass, with a few trees around the edges.
The beach was undergoing a little bit of renewal.

Great beach house
Sangria - which had a lot of added sugar
At night all the shop windows (on the ground floor of the apartment buildings) are covered with roller doors. It gave me the feeling that the area wasn't safe, even when the only people we saw were walking their dogs or mums with babies.

Garbage collection is done from a central point, so each street has these rows of bins. It was the same in France, Switzerland and Berlin

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