Bern, Switzerland

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bern (did you know that Bern is the capital of Switzerland?) looks like you imagine Switzerland to be.

I am unsure what this sign means. Maybe we should be watching for cats?

The cows all wear bells

The house we stayed in, about 100 years old.
The beautiful garden across the road.

I have loved seeing all the different architecture in each place we've been. Each has its own unique style. I wonder what the Australian style is? I guess more of the low lying single story houses, less apartments and two story houses.


  1. i think it totally means look out for cats! auchtung means warning, watch out, etc! hahaha random... cats?

  2. It runs: "Watch out, young cats"

    - Apparently you're staying in the neighbouring village from were I grew up and were my parents still live...

    Enjoy the trip!


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