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Sunday, October 3, 2010

On Sunday, while still in rural France, we decided to go on a wine tour. It started well, arriving at this lovely Chateau in the hills behind Bergerac. It really was like something out of a Disney cartoon. The wine was beautiful and cheap (3 euro was not the per glass price!). We then set out to find lunch. This ended up being quite a mission. When Jill said that a lot of places in France are closed on Sundays we did not think that it would be the wineries and the restaurants. With 8 people in the van with 8 different opinions and very hungry at that, we ended up back on the outskirts of Bergerac at Buffalo Grill. We had assumed that like similar places in Australia and America it would be cheap. Once again we were wrong.
Chateau Monbazillac

Aged wine anyone?

After lunch we were back on the road to find a winery for tasting. We passed winery after winery, all closed. Until we ended up at a winery/golf course. We pulled up and sent in our two biggest/tallest people to see if there was any wine to be had. They found no one, however as they were returning to the car a barefoot fifteen year old boy ran out and beaconed them inside. They followed and were rewarded with lovely wine.

They retrieved the rest of us from the car and we were poured wine from newly opened bottles by a fifteen year old. He also offered to teach us golf.
The golf course deserted winery
Yes, they had wine!

Lesson, when in France don't go wine tasting on Sundays and don't go anywhere near the Buffalo Grill.

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