Thursday, November 25, 2010

Columns from the Temple of Jupiter
Nick in front of the columns from the Temple of Jupiter
I had been interested in going to Baalbek because my Pa had visited Baalbek during World War II. But I hadn't done much research on what was there so I had no idea what to expect. Turns out that Baalbek, on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is one of the best preserved groups of Roman Temples in the world. If you can get there do. The site is amazing and after visiting many museums and galleries in Europe, it is a bit of an eye opener to be able to walk through the site and touch anything you want. It actually felt quite wrong, especially in the museum section where there were statues and other artifacts displayed, yet no signs saying do not touch and no glass cabinets separating you from the objects. Most people respected the age of the artifacts and didn't touch them.
Bacchus Temple
The Bacchus Temple
Bacchus Temple
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GIRL IN THE PJS: BaalbekGIRL IN THE PJS: Baalbek photo baalbek-group-2_zps2b123e99.jpg
Bacchus Temple
Sarcophagi in the museum to the left of the stairs of Bacchus Temple. It is easy to miss, but well worth it if you are interested in funeral practices and sarcophagi.
Temple Venus
Temple of Venus
There are many market stalls leading up to the ruins. Nick's cousin warned us against buying the yellow t-shirts with green writing, actually his words were, 'look at those stupid tourists buying Hezbollah t-shirts, they have no idea what they are doing'. Make sure you're informed about symbols and patterns. And there are plenty of other souvenirs without a political message.

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