Beirut from the car

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

From Berlin we headed to Lebanon for two weeks to spend some time with Nick's relatives. They were great, driving us around and showing us everything. During our travels I managed to get a few photos from the car window.

The Hotel Phoencia Beirut looks like a hotel you'd expect to find in Miami, however just behind it you can see the bombed out remains of the Hotel Ibis. The Hotel Ibis is in the photo below too.

Half of the statue marking the place where Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was killed.

There are many buildings around town that were just never finished, due to war, lack of finances or both.

Many of the apartment buildings have a French look about them, harking back to the days when Lebanon was a French colony.

A stark difference between rich and poor areas.


  1. Thanks for sharing these photos! I'm going to Lebanon in two months! :)

  2. Oh you are going to love it :)


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