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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Prague was playing Scotland in the football the weekend we arrived and the Scots had invaded!
Beer comes in crates, not cartons here.

Tickets for the State Opera are relatively inexpensive here. We paid $40 Aus for pretty good seats and there were cheaper tickets. We saw La Boheme one night and Swan Lake the next.

The toy museum is still running it's Barbie exhibition, well worth a look if Barbie is your thing. I love the outfits above - looks like Barbie was doing Lady Gaga well before Lady Gaga.

Pregnant Barbie looks a little creepy.

A fashion shoot on the banks of the river.
The Museum Kampa modern art museum is amazing. The photos above an below are works in the gardens that surround the museum.

Just don't get the Museum Kampa confused with the Kafka Museum like we did. The Kafka Museum is an interesting look at Prague and the like of Kafka interpreted through photographs, written works and 3-D instillations, but it is not a modern art museum.

My favourite building, the dancing building designed by Croatian-Czech architect Vlado Milunic in co-operation with Canadian architect Frank Gehry. If you buy a drink at the ground floor bar, you can take it to the top floor to drink with views of the city. It was a lovely way to watch the sun go down.

One of the Czech famous foods is fried cheese. Delicious. Another is dumplings, which are quite similar to English dumplings. Also very yummy. I can't wait to make a few stews this winter with dumplings.

Of course a trip to Prague is not complete without a trip to the Lennon Wall. How wicked is this van which was parked in front of the wall?!

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