Didsbury, Alberta

Friday, December 3, 2010

In our search for a car we've made a number of trips to Didsbury in order to view a particular car. The first time we drove out there it was minus 26C and had been snowing for most of the past few days. The car's owner lived on a farm a few kms outside of Didsbury and as you rounded the corner a barn came into view followed by a two story log house covered in yellow christmas lights with a light up nativity scene next to the front porch. The car was to be found at a house to the right of the log house. As our car turned to the right the headlights caught a half eaten deer in the fork of the driveway. At this point we were unsure what to expect, however the seller was lovely and apparently her brother is a bit of a hunter.
A few days later we were waiting at the pub while the car was looked over. We'd decided against the Didsbury Inn and settled instead on JD's. The bar staff were nice and honest about cooking times of their food. There's nothing worse than being told that the food will take five minutes then finding out that when they said five minutes they really meant half an hour. Before we left I made a quick pit stop. The loos (well there was only one ladies' loo) had a vending machine. One side dispensed your choice of flavoured condoms, lube and his & hers temporary tattoos. The other side dispensed Advil. If you're stocking up on anything from side one then I'm sure at some point you'll need the Advil.
In the end we bought the car, a 2003 GMC Jimmy.

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