Revelstoke Ski Mountain

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yesterday was my first day up the Revelstoke mountain. Nick had been up a number of days, but due to being sick I had stayed at home. KC came too and after she was sorted out with rental gear we joined the gondola queue. Apparently Revelstoke rarely has queues for the gondola and we were luckily enough to join the queue a few minutes after a tree had fallen and cut the power. After half an hour standing in the falling snow (wouldn't want to lose our place would we?) the generator restored power and we were on our way to the top, via mid mountain where we dropped KC at her lesson. We got off the gondola and I skied the Last Spike. The last spike is 15.2km and I started it a third of the way down so I skied at least 8kms. I'm pretty proud of myself. Second green run I've skied that wasn't at Mt Buller. I'll be on the downhill team in no time.
The sign says:
# of people who have spent the night (unprepared) in the back country in the last 3 days: 9
# of people who have required a helicopter sling rescue: 5
minimum backcountry rescue cost: $500
risk to yourself and rescuer: unacceptable
respecting our mountains, ski area boundaries (clearly marked) and your own life: priceless

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