Street Art Sunday

Sunday, May 30, 2010

As seen at the old Commonwealth Bank Alice Springs

I'm never sure whether or not to feel sorry of Hayzie

Dodgy builders, homophobes and how to get caught selling drugs

Saturday, May 22, 2010

1. Finally someone is mentioning the businesses who are out of pocket from Carey Builders going bust. It's not just about the people who bought Framptons House and Land packages. And if you sell house and land packages and the builder goes bust then you need to take some responsibility for it, especially if they've been bust before. Read about the businesses here and how Framptons First National is taking no responsibility for it here.

2. It's one thing to air outdated and hateful opinions at the pub, it's another to publish them in a state newspaper. Surely the editor of the Herald Sun should have stopped Akermanis' column from going to print? That's what I assumed an editor was there for, but maybe not. AFL CEO has hit out against the Herald Sun on ABC radio, wondering what minority group the Sun'll pick on next week. Read about it here.

3. If you're going to sell drugs, don't sell them through Facebook or txt messages for that matter. History from both of these things can be easily obtained and will be used against you in your trial, as a young Darwin man recently found out. Read about it here.

Catherine the Great

Monday, May 17, 2010

 photo Fuck_zpsn5uosu4n.jpg
My favourite columnist for the Age, Catherine Deveny, was sacked for comments she made on Twitter. You can read her reaction to the sacking in an article on the Drum here. The Age tried to sack her last year (or the year before) but popular opinion prevented their attempts. I think that the twitter 'incident' was just their excuse to do what they've always wanted to do. I don't think you should be sacked for a few satirical comments on a social networking site, especially when you are employed as an opinion writer and satirist

In other news, the Herald Sun is scrapping their daily arts section. It was a waste of space really, who even goes to the theatre/movies/art galleries/gigs in Melbourne really? Give us more gossip and sport.


Street Art Sunday

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Great use of texture in these pieces.

Party Party Party

Saturday, May 15, 2010

This time last week we were preparing a surprise party for Nick's birthday. It was so much fun. N made a face cake, so much like Nick you could be forgiven for mistaking one for the other. Everyone pitched in and made curries. B & J even whipped up some quick bunting with the hot glue gun - pretty. Nick had no idea. A cunning plan perfectly executed.

Thanks Something and Something Else for the lend of the party house xx

TV Shoot Thursday

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last Thursday was Nick's birthday and it coincided with a commercial shoot at The Town & Country. I don't normally go to any of Nick's shoots but as it was his birthday, I couldn't say no. Friends of ours rocked up and we had a great night. The T & C has a diverse clientele. If you're there after work it's mainly tradies in fluro (aside from the bar staff, you probably won't see a female). If you're there late at night its the under 23s dancing their arses off. Plus they have pokies. To their credit they have Bulmers Cider on tap and a good schnitzel with pepper sauce. The commercial is all about trying to make the place more appealing to the 18-25 year olds. Good luck.

Wide Open Space wrap up

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Highlights from the festival include:

  • Spud realising that he can drop everything and head out of town at an hours notice & BT camping for the 1st time in 3 years
  • The awesome fire by the main stage, keeping us toasty while we watched the big bands
  • The Barons of Tang
  • The fire performance - fire juggling, fire breathing surrounded by browning spinifex. Apparently they didn't even do their best tricks as they'd had one too many before hand! If you're in Darwin you can catch them at the Mindil Beach Markets.
  • Dr Strangeways
  • Bear's Coffee
  • Roo tail stew - Friday night dinner - yum
  • Adventure 'hike' with Miss N
  • My rad festival haircut at the low low price of $10 + beer
  • Bulmers Cider

The crumpled sign above says 'No Humbug' which is Central Australian for 'don't ask for money' or 'don't ask for free stuff'. Lost in translation on a group of French guys who wanted free entry.

Photos: Last three from my iPhone, rest from the Mini Diana.

Home beautiful

Monday, May 3, 2010

photo via The Selby

Back from Wide Open Space, I've spent the morning in bed catching up on the interweb and oogling interior design inspiration.

I'm loving neo-victorian inspiration on the New Yorker, also neo-country. Neo-country reminds me of Mark Tuckey's great furniture.

I think the time has come for me to leave the bed and get my home looking lovely....

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