Street Art Sunday - Montmartre Market pt 1

Sunday, February 27, 2011

On the Sunday we had in Paris last September we had a quick breakfast from the bakery nearby our hotel then we caught the train to the vintage market in Montmartre. Nick was quite skeptical thinking that the market might be more junk than gold. As we got off the train and climbed the stairs to the street I was beginning to think that he was right. We followed the crowds down the street, past the guys selling fake Louis Vuitton rounded the corner and run into more fellows selling cheap knock offs. I was willing to admit defeat when we decided to walk further into the market. Our decision paid off. Behind the knock off sellers were vintage sellers. Nick found a lovely jacket, I found a beautiful ring and we both found more furniture than we could ever fit into our suitcases. Plus the street art. Well worth the walk. 

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