Top of the mountain

Thursday, February 3, 2011

On Monday Nick convinced me to take the chairlift to the top of the mountain. You see at Revelstoke, the top of the gondola and the 8km ski run is not the top of the mountain, you have to take a chairlift, after you've taken the gondola, to the top of the mountain. I hadn't done that yet as all the runs are blue and I'm still really only comfortable with green runs on this mountain. While I have done some of the blues, they're not really my cup of tea.

So we headed to the top of the mountain. My sister-in-law had mentioned that the first bit of the run was quite skinny, but it got better after that. Well I had no idea that it would be that narrow....
Yep, this small path is what you are supposed to ski down. No room for turns. Needless to say I had a panic attack and then walked the 100m or so that was this narrow. After that it did widen out and apart from a section where Nick nearly took me down the black snow rodeo with me pointing out 'that sign over there says Last Spike to the left not the right', it was a really fun run and great to be on top of the mountain. I just don't think I fancy walking the first section everytime!


  1. Congratulation Allyson,you did it!!!

  2. Allison, congrats on a successful run down the Last Spike. Im sad to hear you had to walk the first skinny part. I know it can be frightening to not have space to turn, anxiety can be a real hamper to a good time, I know! It may be scary but i think you could pizza slice down that trail no problem, remember that you could keep your speed pretty slow that way and you always have the option to lay down if you are scared. I wish you the best of luck on learning to ride the Blue Runs, it sounds as if you got a good taste of that the other day! - Matt

  3. I think I may sound like the villain here but it wasn't just my idea ( though I may have pushed a little). I was so proud of alli for finally concurring the mountain! As you can see from the pics, going up was totally worth it. The hard part unfortunately is coming down...


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