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Thursday, March 10, 2011

When you're all the way down there on the other side of the world in Australia, you often think that the rest of the world has got it right & that somehow, through distance and time, that we are missing out. 

As it turns out, Australians aren't missing much. In fact, we are ahead of the curve in many, many ways and it is Canadians who are missing out. This little list contains a few of the things that Australia does better:

  • Cheese - While they do have cheese here it tastes like plastic and is an orange colour. Do they not have dairy cows here? Have we kept our cheese recipe to ourselves? I miss good cheese. 
  • Mobile phone numbers - mobile phone numbers are linked to each provence and each town. If I move from Revelstoke to Vancouver, people will know I'm from Revelstoke because of my phone number. Calling a Vancouver number from a Revelstoke phone number while in Vancouver counts as a long distance call. Confused yet?
  • Ring pull tins. You have to open all tins with a can opener.
  • Spray deodorant. There is no spray deodorant. Also roll on deodorant is especially dry. 
  • Shake & Bake. No shake & bake pancakes or muffins here.
  • Sara Lee - nothing even remotely like Sara Lee here. You have to make your sticky date pudding from scratch.
  • Tampons - Libra you need to start exporting. Only one brand doesn't have applicators and they've been out of stock for months. Plus they don't have mini.
  • Dove summer glow - Nothing like this here. In England there was a while isle in each pharmacy dedicated to such tanning products. Here you'll be lucky to find a single product.
  • Vegemite & Milo - the obvious. 
  • Triple J - the radio stations here are woeful. I miss you Triple J
Are you living away from your home? Missing anything?


  1. I'm surprised by some of the things on that list! Tampons! I had a similar problem in Japan. I won't go into detail but there was an overcomplicated application system that I completely struggled with. In the end I found regular tampons but they were sold in a massive box. I was in Japan 3 years ago and still have some emergency ones stashed at work....I will now always travel with excess tampons. The end.

  2. I'll never leave Australia without an adequate supply of tampons again. Would you believe that brand is the only one in North America that doesn't have an applicator? People are selling their stockpiles on ebay for $80! $80! Outrageous. Get in there Libra.


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